Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Two More Tops

       Two more tops done. I may have started this one over 10 years ago. I used it to demonstrate the Thirtysomething technique when I was teaching. I would have made it bigger but I don't have any more red fabric left except for Civil War prints. It's called Family Tree. The pattern is in The Thirtysomething Block Book. It will remain a UFO for now.

Since Covid-19 struck, I've been in a quilt shop maybe 4 times. In and out quickly. I'm planning to go soon. It should be fun. I want to plan carefully because I don't need to add to my stash for the fun of it. Well, maybe a little. But maybe not red. Mark always told me to have fun when I went off to a quilt shop and that does mean to shop, right?  

This Triple four-patch was started earlier this year when Stashbusters started a  Trail Mix SewAlong. I just loved the block. The quilt has 5 different blocks in it, but since I made small wheel chair quilts with my blocks, I only used 2 or 3 different blocks per quilt. There are several ways to color the blocks and piece them too. This is what I ended up with. I won't be including a border on this one. And some day I may just add more blocks, provided the colors don't look out of place.

I took this picture of the bald eagles this morning out my sewing room window. They are sitting on the edge of the street enjoying their breakfast of a possum road kill, 3 days old.  Uck. They have been around all week. Why didn't they eat it earlier?  The birds were by the creek last spring for a few weeks, too. I wish I was quicker with the camera, I would have loved a picture of them in flight. 

 The "Creek" is Sugar Creek also out in front of the house a few hundred feet. Crazy full of wildlife. I've seen otter swimming in it. Again there is a new beaver dam this winter. This one is fairly close to the house. When we found it, we came upon a  deer skeleton  within a few feet of it. I haven't seen the beaver in years, just the stumps of the trees and bushes they cut down. I've heard them slap their tails on the water a few times. That's pretty cool. 

I'm not sure how I will finish the year with my quilting. I could cut or piece or bind or quilt or, or, or. Tired tonight. We burned 2 brush piles in the woods today. Perfect day for it. We made 14 piles this year and what if we don't get the snow we need to burn them????

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Elle said...

How fabulous to have these majestic creatures so near your home. We live about 1/4 mile from the river so we do see them hunting overhead but rarely land in our trees.

Fun quilts!!!