Thursday, June 16, 2016

Challenges Along the Way

Sometimes life can be a struggle. Today I'm struggling with the computer and my cellphone. Minor challenges really. If I tried a little more often it probably wouldn't be such a challenge.  Of course, I realize I haven't posted much lately. Did you notice it's been since I started quilting across the street at Studio 3?  It didn't help that now I have a cell phone with which to take pictures. I prefer an old camera that no longer works. And I don't have a big flannel wall there and I really don't like the photos of quilts on the floor!  I know. Excuses, excuses.

I have been quilting a bit though I admit if I can be outside I'd rather be there. usually as it heats up outside I turn to quilting but I've been busy with a few other odd things. Like taking care of my husband for one. A month ago he ruptured a disk and has been in terrific pain since.  Since sitting down to write a new post and having trouble trying to upload photos from my phone I've decided I will just have to take a camera across the street with me more often.

When I am outside I am either in my sedge meadow or the woods. The meadow is pretty happy that we burned it this spring and is surprising me with patches of flowers I've not seen blooming there before like these Blue Flag Iris.