Monday, August 13, 2018

Heading South

Last week on my blog I showed how I constructed this diagonally set quilt with sashing, taking an unusual approach. All the blocks are together now and I brought my little star and chain quilt home even though it still  needs its corners. Here I will hunt through my stash for a border. I'm not convinced it needs one. In which case the quilt will turn out smaller than intended. That's okay though. Getting it quilted is not a high priority. I can decide about a border later.  I also remembered to use a different camera. I am happier with these photos. Reminder to self:  - use old camera again! The squares were cut a tiny 1 1/2" yielding a 4" block. And though all the scraps could have been gleaned from the waste basket at Studio 3, I chose colors that have a muted dusty rosy overall tone to them. My aim was to make it look kinda old. I Sure had a hard time getting the color right on a photo.

I also finished the Flying Geese quilt I started last fall. Well, the top. I named it Heading South.  Once it is quilted I will finish it with brown binding. I wanted these quilts small  (about 36") to use as table toppers. I'd like to do one more for Halloween and I also have a 1930's grandmothers flower garden hexie quilt top almost done for a springtime quilt. Oh and my 4 block tulip applique for spring as well. I thought I took a photo already but it's lost.  It's a good thing I have more than one table these will fit.

In the past I would have  made a little quilt like these in a week. Instead of sewing all day like I used to I'm now busy working in the woods. It was a bit overgrown when we got it about 5 years ago and I can see areas (It's 11 acres) where we have done nothing and the weed trees are obviously continuing to grow. So my mission this summer is to cut them back and eliminate them. Either literally or figuratively. Mark will cut the bigger ones though they allllll get killed by me. And I LOVE trees. Opening it up to sunlight allows the wildflowers to grow and I love those too.

Since it is hot again today I have some time for blogging so I am joining these linky parties

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

More Progress

The weather is cooperating nicely today( it's raining), but rather than sew I thought I'd post about my progress piecing.  One day last week it was too hot to be outside so I did a little sewing and finished up the little stars and cut the sashing. This is where I left it.

Then again I had a chance to sew. I sure did choose a confusing layout. Maybe not really confusing but I felt like I'd have to get up to retrieve the next few blocks as there isn't lots of repetitive units in this setting as the piece gets bigger. Till I looked again. So I moved it to the floor for photos so it would be easier for you to see.

I found that I could  make multiples of the block with sashing and cornerstones attached as in the upper left corner. Then an alternate unit was the little stars with sashing just on 2 sides. So I will still have narrow and wide rows just not so many or so narrow as in just sashing and cornerstones.

I will have to proceed slowly to sew in the correct order. One can't be too hasty to add the setting triangles. I won't be too wordy here. Study the pictures if you are really interested in trying this yourself.

 I've added all the setting triangles and the rest of the sashing here. Do you find it easier to see with
the rows on the diagonal (at left) or
straight across in the picture (at right)?

 Maybe a close up will help you understand it easier.  The sashing was already on all 4 sides of the block in the corner. I just added sashing unit to side setting triangles then they went on the block. The next row is ready to add here.

The second row has been added and the next side triangles too.  The 4 corners are always added last on diagonal set quilts.

The rows are all ready to join together. I will finish the upper left corner like the opposite corner before joining to the top.The 3 middle rows too will go together before adding the 2 corner sections.

Can't wait to finish it now to see if I even like it or if it will get a border. Must fit on a table at home. Once home I will get a picture with a different camera. Interested to see what the color will be like from that one.

I love the color of this wooden floor.  I have a flannel wall at Studio 3. One day one of my students asked what color sashing she should use on the blocks she just arranged on the white flannel. We were all in agreement that a light color would not be very complimentary. I suggested arranging the blocks on the floor to see if that color might be a good choice. It was! she bought fabric that was really close to the same color and the quilt was beautiful. Always a question when designing a quilt - How light or dark a fabric should be? I think with the white flannel we sometimes forget our options.

I've made progress on others, just need a photo.