Wednesday, January 4, 2023

2022 ends

 I'm killing time in Dr's waiting room. It's the perfect time to update here.

Christmas was pretty good with daughter and girlfriend and mutual fella friend. New years eve was just another night but neighbor had a great fireworks display. New Years day was annual game day at friend Irene's. Fun fun. I hope you all enjoyed the recent holidays.

I've been busy quilting donation quilts for church ladies and even piecing a few. And getting  those quilted.   Here's the latest pictures.

Most of the quilting was something  simple.Maybe lazy loops. Or curls. I quilted the 9-patch with big flowers that I echoed.  A few starts and stops beats marking and following lines of a panto.
 This last quilt top is my Civil War charm quilt top finally done. 

I'd like more pictures but it's wet outside and too big for my wall. I'd call it Thousand Pyramids, but there are closer to 1200 triangles, each different. A little bigger than planned. What was I thinking? 

I have a dozen self-made kits waiting to piece, but I hope to focus on quilting this winter and saving the piecing for at studio 3. 

Till next time, happy quilting.