Thursday, February 10, 2022

THE Right Time

 A year ago I opened a box containing these three curvy pieced strip sets.

 I made them in a class probably around 1994. The teacher, Sonya Lee Barrington, had samples of what could be done with the strip sets but did not provide a pattern. I didn't really need a pattern because I didn't particularly like my strip sets. It was rare that I took a class and I wanted to use some older fabrics and not buy new because I didn't know what I would be doing with them. Little did I know they would sit for almost 30 years!

So last January I made a decision to make a quick little donation quilt and empty the box. A few days ago I opened the box again and began cutting and sewing again to make one more strip set. I'd cut the other pieces last January so this time it was just a few hours to get them together. Why I decided rectangles and not squares is beyond me. And I still had to decide if I wanted them scattered or like I finally decided with matching sets all in a row.  And the 3 at the top and bottom was a quick decision when I didn't have enough to complete the row and didn't care to make more.. I thought I might use the scraps from the back for a pieced back but then remembered another fabric about the same vintage and in the right colors. I am now anxious to get 'er done. I guess the time was right.