Monday, September 28, 2015

No Excuses

I suppose summer is officially over. We've had a beautiful fall so far and I am outside enjoying it as much as I can. We are supposed to get rain this week so maybe I will have a chance to catch up in the sewing room. Does that sound like an excuse?

I've been working on a new tool/ruler I'm calling the 3 in 1 Tool. With it you can cut triangles, trapezoids and squares like you see in this block. It should be ready for Market next month.  I won't be doing a book to go with it. It's really a pretty basic tool and I think an improvement over what is currently available. You should be able to get it from me or through the manufacturer.

Occasionally I sew at home. A few weeks ago I started a new 2 block quilt. I've only got 9 of the 49 blocks done. Yes it will be bed size.

And this just hints at the effect I will get when I add the second block. All design decisions have not been made yet. I may have to adjust my plans if I don't have all the fabric I need. I don't want to be buying more if I don't need to.

I am getting anxious to sew in the cellar a.k.a. quilting in Studio 2. I don't really enjoy the basement when I can be outside. It's not like I am looking forward to snow but that is when I enjoy using the longarm down there the most. Ever feel like life is too short?