Friday, February 24, 2012

Quilting My Life Away

The quilting is complete on the pink Triplicity quilt. It has been for a week now, but too busy to snap the picture. Too bad it's a little too long for the wall. I still have the binding to do but that will wait and I will do a bunch at one time. Glad to scratch one more top off my list.

 This morning I put Joy's quilt on the frame. She made a beautiful sampler called Back to Nature. She only wants a feather panto quilted across it. I knew she'd like it simple.

We weren't too productive at church on Tuesday. A couple of the gals had car trouble and arrived pretty late.  I thought there would be lots of show and tell because we missed last month, but I guess not.  Half the blocks are done for the next raffle quilt, though.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thursday's meeting at Benny's was well attended but the shop will now be called Quilt's 'n Such. I was a little distracted that day because my daughter was having surgery. She is home now and doing fine.
 This is Sue's quilt in progress. She was required to bring it for show and tell the other night when she called at 9 pm looking for more fabric. Since she knows I am up till midnight she didn't hesitate to call. I was surprised because she is one of those early to bed early to rise kinda girls. My fabric is looking pretty good there, I'd say.  I guess I arranged the blocks wrong, but she liked it and might not set it barn raising style after all.

It was sure nice to attend a quilt show in winter. The Winter Quilt Show was a little small as show's go, but otherwise had everything you could want in a show - a bunch of free lectures and lots of vendors. My Sweet Pepper class Friday was not well attended. This was the 3rd year of the show and the first time classes were offered on Friday. The gals in class did an excellent job however not all wanted to share photos. This work is by Melissa followed by blocks from her friend Sue and another Gail.

I didn't get any sewing done this weekend with Mark home. But it was still nice out and we went for several walks and discovered a huge patch of Bittersweet vines growing along a path I've hiked often in the past. Sue was over today for even more fabric (She always makes big quilts.) and a walk to see the Bittersweet.  While she was here I cut and organized my 1800's scraps for a couple more kits. Now I don't know what to work on next because I have so many ideas started. Maybe it is time to make another list, that always helps me to prioritize. Quilting at church tomorrow and Joy is bringing a quilt for the long arm on Wed.  Busy, busy, ain't that grand?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quilting Season

I'm still enjoying this unusually mild winter and getting a good walk in on most days. I also enjoyed finding this picture in my in-box from Claudette Males of a quilt she started in a class she took with me in Cincinnati. The class was Kissing Cousins from my Thirtysomething book. It's always fun to see different fabrics used for the same pattern and no where is it easier or more fun than in a class.She did a great job.
This weekend is the Winter Quilt Show  north of Milwaukee near Jackson and sponsored by Material Matters of Cedarburg. There's classes, free lectures, lots of vendors and quilts. The weather should be good so I am expecting you to go. I'll be teaching, be sure to say hi.  There is also a new Wisconsin Quilt History Museum in Cedarburg. Maybe it would be a good time to go for some of you. I will be too busy.

There's a meeting at Benny's tomorrow and I haven't made my block yet, so I am off to do that now - maybe.
Have a good one.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Let the snow fall

This is as far as I got yesterday on the Birds quilt. The blocks are sewn together into rows for the first half of the quilt. (The rows are connected with chain stitching) I am working in two sections to make it easier to handle. The bottom half I started putting together this afternoon.

It's early Friday evening. The girls just left. I can't believe they came out in the snow for quilting. I don't mean to suggest they are desperate, but I live at the bottom of a hill and it can be wicked to drive in the snow. I will stay home thank you - and thank you girls for coming to join me for some sewing this afternoon.

Sue is starting a triple 4-patch using my reproduction 1800's. I have a system of letting certain friends  buy from my stash. She typically only buys 1930's prints and was getting bored with them. I'd like to lighten my load of 1800's. So it works out for both of us. Lucrecia started cutting out a grandmothers flower garden quilt. I worked on the birds.

Last night I dug out these orange batiks and found  more golds and oranges in the basket waiting to be washed. Then I washed and ironed them. They are sooo pretty. This was another case where I forgot I already bought some orange for the stash. I am low on blacks. I think that will have to be the next color to shop for.  See how that works?

Monday, February 6, 2012

imaginary quilts

I have been daydreaming about quilts more than quilting lately. Before the new mattress arrived we decided to clean the carpet in the whole house. That always means moving lots of stuff around and then straightening it all up afterwards. It needed it for a while and I am glad we did it. It just means less time for quilting. And gee, I guess my glass lampshades in the bedroom weren't frosted after all. I guess I could dust up there once in a while.
This is a peek at what I have been working on in the studio. I don't usually think to take the camera down there, but after my sister just suggested it, I thought I'd better.  The top is a sample from my 2nd book, Trouble Free Triangles. That goes back almost 20 years. Yes, the book is out of print, but used copies can usually be found online.
I kinda wanted hearts on this quilt, but I don't quilt them as evenly as I'd like them. So, flowers it is.

I have been thinking about how I want to use the oranges I pulled from my stash last week.  After much hemming and hawing I decided to do a maple leaf quilt. I wonder if it will be the next quilt top I put together.  Dinking around with that gave me enough of a break from the Birds-in-the-Air quilt. I hope to get back to that tomorrow night.

The people that I help need some attention these next two weeks. With mom gone now the work load is noticeably lighter. Between paperwork, cleaning and doctors for them, I probably won't have as much time for quilting as I've had in the last month. Unless...