Thursday, March 24, 2022


 Well these short stacks of coins went together quickly. I had to futz with the stacks a bit to get them the same length because the strips weren't the same width throughout but that's OK. It was fun. Maybe cause it was bright.  I'm ready to do something with triangles. next. That's not counting the pile of 20 blocks waiting to be set on point. The setting fabric is cut and the rows are pinned together in order. I hope a diagonal set won't be too confusing to work on while I chat with my phone friend. It is rare that I make a diagonally set quilt, but I am familiar enough that I should be able to do it without all kinds of ups and downs to the flannel wall. I hope. 

My arms still isn't all better after injuring it last year. I'm starting more therapy tomorrow so with luck it won't bother me to quilt forever. I'm concerned it will bother me more to work in the garden. Part of getting old? Maybe

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Coin Stacks

I know, this hardly looks like I would have made it, yet I did. The bright scraps I found at an estate sale a few years ago.  I knew the little scraps would work for this pattern and precut to boot, so I snatched them up.  A few bigger pieces of green and red pieces were in the mix but didn't work for this quilt. Not just the size, but the color. In exchange I added a few orange pieces.. Fun brights aren't my usual MO but couldn't resist. And the black sashing print with those fun bright little circles? Yes, in my stash.   And perfect for this quilt. Mark even asked me, Who made that quilt? He thinks it looks out of place here because it has no triangles. At least he didn't say it looked boring. Problem? Did I say there was a problem? 

Since this is as big as I want to go, I have plenty of leftover brights to make a second version. I even have another black that will be perfect. Sure wish black wasn't so hard on the eyes. Gotta love those LED lights.  Hopefully version 2 will commence tonight.