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Thirtysomething Basics

Learn the basics of the Thirtysomething concept in this introductory class. Practice making Onlies and the Thirtysomething unit while you experience the excitement these units will bring to your quilting. You will see how the design potential is unimaginable when you incorporate other common units. There are at least four quilt designs you will see and choose from in class for your project.  Using scraps allows you to make it as big as you like, but don't be surprised when you start another.

Thirtysomething and then some

If you are a little bored with half-square triangles then this class is for you. Adding  a little thirtysomething to your patchwork repertoire is easier than you think and you'll love amazing your friends.  Learn how all the Thirtysomething units are made in this fast paced class as you make practice units for your reference.

Thirtysomething Stars

We will focus on just the basic Thirtysomething unit in this class. Using the Thirtysomething Square Up will result in perfect little units and increase the level of fun. This is the jumping off point for a new experience in patchwork. 


Save the Scraps

Careful planning is required to make a scrap quilt that looks like a happy accident.  Tips for sorting and organizing scraps and suggestions for fabric selection are included in this showing of almost 3 dozen happy scrap quilts.  Here's the solution to dealing with your scraps.


Survey the exciting patterns and illusions that you can incorporate in your quilts when you use thirtysomething units. Gayle will give you an overview of the construction technique used that simplifies the cutting and piecing of these pointy pieces. The quilts will inspire you to plan your next masterpiece and give you an idea how easy and fun piecing these angles can be.

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Where & how can I buy your "The Thirtysomething Block Book", by Gayle Bong? I would also consider the ruler.

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