Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sew Many Starts

I must be fully recovered from my gallbladder issues of the first half of this year because I've been very anxious to do some quilting again. I took a mini inventory of my current ufo's and made a list of the 12 that I'd like most to complete soon. Notice I didn't say this year. I wanted to say this summer but I'm being realistic. Actually some are small and near completion. And since I know the quilt is finished when the top is done, the end of summer is a real possibility for at least half of them. I'd really like to see a number of these actually quilted so may put them on the tentative quilting schedule for this fall. So this is how I plan dream.

Next I will need to prioritize these things. I will probably order them starting with those that are nearest completion. I have several where the blocks are done, the setting design and fabrics have been chosen, and even cut.Those that need a bunch cut will wait till I am in the mood to cut. Maybe I will bring them back to the house from Studio 3 so I will have something to work on here besides quilting on the long arm. I still want to do some of that but for some reason I find the Studio in The Cellar really cold this summer.

I was home when I made my list. I should have opened the boxes of ufo's in the closet. But those aren't what I would call active ufo's. I was thinking only of those that I have started or planned recently (the last year maybe). Those are all at Studio 3. When I went there after making the list I found more I'd forgotten about. Isn't that always the way? So those have been added to the list, one at the top and one at the bottom. This is the most current.

I was interrupted since I started this post and had a chance to work at Studio 3 a little more. While there, I calculated and cut the setting fabric for 1 and finished the star blocks for the one shown above. Those little darlings are only 4" finished.  It evolved from 1 1/2" strips cut for sashing for another quilt I don't even remember. It seems I would rather start a quilt from leftovers than from scratch. Anyway I've been interested in making some small quilts since I've started using them on my dining room table. I don't know what took me so long to put them there.  I never was one for tablerunners or placemats, but a small quilt that comes to the edge of the table, I love.  I haven't decided anything about the borders yet because I want it to fit the table I will wait till the center is done and I will know how much space is available for a border. May be this one doesn't get one.

And as it turns out today I chose to work on what I needed alone time to think about and what was at the sewing machine. So much for what was nearest completion. That I brought home so I had something to work on here.

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Browse here and there and be inspired, then good luck quilting!


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Early Rising

I'm up early. It is light out but it is wet with dew so I'm not outside yet. It is nice and cool and now would be a good time to work in the garden if it weren't for the mosquitoes. It seems they like it when it is cool outside too, always a bigger pest early late in the day.
Since Mark retired 5 years ago our schedule has changed from 2nd shift to 1st. I don't mind like I thought I would as long as I get my rest. With the change in schedule it's often too wet to work out early. I've tried to do more sewing then in the morning, but that's not happening. Yet I'm anxious to sew. What is happening?
I thought I would finally post a few pictures of the cotton quilt I finished for my bed. I wanted all cotton thinking it wouldn't be so warm. It is still too warm for me most night, but I like it on the bed anyway.

I started another quilt at Studio 3 but set that aside for now cause I misplaced the ruler for the stars.

Then I pulled out another I had started. Not sure of the size I'll make it but I think I will stop at 9 blocks. I've really enjoyed the small quilts on my dining room table. I was never one for tablerunners. I've got several just the right size for the table, some are quilted and some aren't that I'm planning on finishing. I'd also like to make a few more that size cause it's so nice to rotate them and enjoy them up close every day. Photos will follow as they are near finished.