Friday, May 16, 2014

Thanks to the class

A little rain, cold out for this time of year and a beginning quilt class. All the ingredients I need to make time to do a little piecing. And little it is. Here are 9 of the first blocks the class is doing.  I am really enjoying this group of ladies. They all want extra help with choosing colors so we spend a good deal of time discussing it. We meet again in another hour.

It seems the flash on my camera broke when if fell last time. But then I found another setting and I may be okay without it. This picture was taken indoors on a cloudy day. Usually I adjust the pictures on the computer. This one I didn't adjust at all cause of the setting I found on the camera. Think it's good enough?

I've been a little busy in the office arranging advertising for "The Thirtysomething Block Book"  and filling a few orders. I've been busy and worry that I will forget the lecture I have scheduled next week.That's never happened, but there is always a first time.

Have a happy...

Monday, May 5, 2014

Better than nothing

I knew I would have little time to sew these days. Since I couldn't get a booth at Quilt Market to sell "The Thirtysomething Block Book"  I am going to have to move on to Plan B. That will require more work on my part to promote it to the shops. It might be easier in the end because my work won't be so concentrated in preparing for Market. See the post previous to this one about the book. I am still updating my website with it.

This is the only sewing I have to share this week. In fact I didn't even do this recently. I found these in my cabinet with class samples. I sewed these pieces in the course of demonstrating several techniques for classes. I pulled them out again to demo to my beginning  sampler class. It's pretty much cut and ready to sew thanks to my organized scraps.

I am not sure of what my plan was with this. The original quilt, Full House, was featured in my book "Save the Scraps". But then I bordered a single block. And again I didn't draw up a finished plan for the pieces. I know I planned to make 4 of the bigger framed blocks and join them somehow and border them somehow, but I don't remember. So I think I will just finish it like the original. Lots of times when I have the same class scheduled I have one work in progress that I can demonstrate with to all the classes. That was the case here, but I don't know what the plan was. I guess I will have to start making better notes. BTW, Save the Scraps is nearly out of print unless you don't mind an e-book.

I've been wanting to work outside but we have had a cold wet spring so far. The rest of the week promises to be nice so I guess it will be no sewing again.

I'm linking to Judy's and will plan to check out all the links tonight when I crash.

Sew long...