Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back at it

Almost three weeks ago I brought this top home from church with just the borders to add. It has taken two weeks to do that much. I had the backing and batting already. I'm actually glad I didn't have to stop to go shopping for it.

I like deadlines and I have about 4 weeks to do the quilting on this Dresden Plate quilt for this year's church raffle. Four weeks is plenty of time and it is supposed to be hot, muggy and stormy for the next week so it's the perfect time to get 'r done.

I have been busy in either the garden or the woods across the street. I've been helping Mark cut a trail through the thick brush. Was I delighted to find so many wildflowers there.

Mark and I are still adjusting to his retirement. He is very helpful for sure, but it would be nice to see him relax. I keep looking for his off button and can't find it. It doesn't help that our house guest is still here - maybe just another week of that.