Friday, April 22, 2011

Show Time

Show time is my favorite time of year. Both spring and fall. The next show on my agenda is the Mukwonago Crazy Quilters show on April 30 and May 1.  I particularly like going to the local shows cause they have real bed quilts and not all art/competition quilts like at the AQS show and Festival. I started the Mukwonago guild and might have missed two shows in the last 25 years. I don't enter often cause I am not competitive. But this year I entered 4 quilts from S is for Scraps. I still have to put the sleeves on. So after the holiday weekend, that's what I'll be doing.  Here are 2 of the quilts I am entering.

It's been busy here. Since getting back from Cincinnati, it's doctor after doctor. For all my people.  10 appointments in 2 weeks. Little time for quilting, but putting a little time on the longarm.  Great for stress-busting.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Always a great time

Welcome to all, especially the festival goers that are visiting my blog for the first time. I hope you agree, festival was great. Always great classes, great shopping and fun meeting lots of great quilters. The quilts as usual were phenomenal. The exhibit quilts by my estimate were 95% art quilts. To see everyday quilts you had to check the quilts in the vendor's booths. The convention center seemed especially spread out this time, but then I learned that the show in Houston covers 11 football fields. The Cincinnati show probably covers less than half of that. So I got my exercise, too.
Here's a shot of my fabric acquisitions over the last month. Most of it anyways. And to think I only bought one duplicate, on purpose. 57 different pieces. Yes, most are just halves or quarters.

Mark said the strangest thing this morning.  He said "You didn't show me the fabric you bought yet." HUH!
 I never showed him in the past. Why would he start asking now? He knew I bought more than usual - just to make up for not shopping at the 3rd show in Lancaster when my sister was sick. He practically suggested it. But to ask to see it????

I had a great time. I highly recommend it to ANYbody. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hard to find already

The other day I told you how Martingale won't be reprinting Save the Scraps. And today a shop writes to find out where they can get the book for a class cause their usual distributors are out of it.  Grrrr.   Maybe if there is enough interest they will make it available as an e-book to download. Let's hope so. Here are more pics of what's in that book.

I'm in Cincinnati at Quilt Festival and you can bet I'm having a good time. Check back later for details.
Sew long,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Chance - Out of Print

Hello World,
I hope you are all doing fine. I'm feeling pretty good tonight as I finish gathering my supplies for Quilt Festival in Cincinnati. I just realized I won't be around to post for a while so thought I'd pop off a few words - like in the title of this post.
I recently received word from Martingale that sales of Save the Scraps do not justify keeping it in stock. That means they will not be reprinting it a 5th time. It also means that if you want a copy, you'd better locate it soon. This was definitely ONE of my favorite books. So glad I don't have to pick one.
I thought I'd show you some pics of the projects in that book.  I never took digital pictures of those quilts I made about 6 years ago and I still haven't. These are pictures of the pictures in the book. Much easier. There are 15 patterns in the book, here's just a few.
Oh, and thank you if you already bought it.