Friday, December 29, 2017

Latest Sampler

Well It's the end of the year and I have accomplished the goals that I set a few weeks ago. Finishing this Sampler top was on the list.
Making a sampler quilt can be a great way to try new techniques, experiment with color combinations or relieve the boredom that comes with repeating identical blocks and I spose lots of other reasons. I made this for the pure joy of using some fabrics I loved. And I love them more each time I handle the quilt. This is probably the last sampler I'll make for a while. They really are more time consuming than lots of other styles. And I'm in a mood to cut more fabric.

Most of the blocks in this sampler were from Barbara Brackmans book Civil War Sampler. I really like the Civil War fabrics but had grown a little tired of using them so chose these fun purples, pinks and oranges. The other  35 blocks in the book can wait for when I'm in the mood to make another sampler. Maybe they will be with Civil War prints.
When you see a quilt pattern do you dismiss it quickly because the fabrics used weren't in your favorite color or style? Or do you consider the design in something other than it is shown,  And then decide if you would like it? I hope you take the time to study the quilt and see what you might do different to make it something you like. I like the pinwheel in the lower left of the next picture. May have to do a quilt with it. Hmmm. Have you made a whole quilt from a favorite block you found in a sampler?

Quilting this baby quilt was on the list, too. I sure like quilting these little ones. They go so fast. I still have to bind it but that only takes a few hours. I'll probably use the muslin.    
 As a teacher I have to think ahead. Might seem early but the Studio 3 crowd will be glad to start their valentine soon. A few I've shared it with already are interested in making theirs bed size.

 There's another top, a big one, that I finished but I left it at Studio 3 and didn't get a picture yet.

My plans next were to quilt a big one for my bed. Silly me.  I never got fabric for the back of that quilt. So I dug into my collection of tops and found another one or two small ones that I can quilt till I go shopping for that back. I do want to get that big one quilted as I want a quilt with a cotton batting for my bed before next summer. I'll set that for my goal for January along with cutting out a quilt or two and beginning to piece the Twilight Hopskotch quilt by Kim Diehl. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Still Learning

I've been working towards my goal for the end of the year. I've got 2 quilts bound, one ready for binding and the quilting on the last one started. 
 Here they are the finished two.

The more I quilt the more fun it gets.

 When I learned to machine quilt I used clear nylon thread on the top and cotton in the bobbin. It was great because I stitched in the ditch alot back then and if I jumped the curb you couldn't see it. As my skills increased I switched to cotton thread. I never liked it though cause I thought it was too thick and sat on top of the quilt. I should have experimented with thinner threads. When I got my longarm I felt like I had to start all over. I had to practice alot till I was comfortable with how my quilting looked. Now that I am comfortable with it I think I am ready to use some contrasting thread once in awhile so that the stitching shows up. I am loving some of the quilting designs that I use but they hardly show up. Also, I must keep in mind that if I don't use a busy print on the back of the quilt that I must hand tie the ends of the threads. My starts and stops are still a little messy. But really, I should try a little harder or I'll never get better.

Since I'm doing so well I'll add to the goal to complete 2 more tops. The blocks have been done for months and I'd like to count them as a finish for this year. Stay tuned.

Monday, December 11, 2017

1980's UFO

I've had a great time quilting this week. I'll share once I get the bindings done. And I got this 1980's star one step closer to completion.

I also spent some time straightening a cabinet and closet. I realized I didn't need to tear it all apart so it was doable in 1 day. When Mark said he was going to his nephews for the day I didn't waste any time and went right to work. I had been afraid that I would be stirring up trouble and coming up with all kinds of plans for new quilts.

That didn't happen. Now I have separated the tops for donation from the ones I want to hang on to and even finish.  I packed away old Thimble berries fabric. Might need what's left for a binding someday, otherwise I'm done with it. I uncovered a few boxes I wish I hadn't. Some I closed up again happy to know a quilt is waiting to be made.

The star shown above was found in a hard to reach drawer. I started it with a friend as a thank you for someone else. It. We abandoned it cause it wouldn't lie flat. This is easily 25 years ago - when we had less experience.  I was able to rework the final section seams without taking it  all apart.

The only matching fabric around to be found was enough for the border. I'll quilt it up and use another brown for a binding and donate it to a good cause.

I've got 3 more quilts I prepped to finish, 2 small and a big one for my bed.  My goal is to finish the 2 smaller ones by New Years eve.  There are plenty of other things to get done before that so I'll be glad to do that much.

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

On a Roll

Even though we've had a gloriously warm week and I've been working in the woods lots, I've still gotten some quilting done. This tabletopper was just waiting for a binding. Now it's waiting for a centerpiece. So there's one item to check off the list.

This morning I straightened up the quilt room.  Rather I started. I'm sorting tops from quilts. Then I'll sort the tops into those I want finished and those that can wait. Then maybe I can get a better idea how I want to prioritize them. Maybe if I can set some goals I can make a list and get all excited to check them off. I've made a list of those I want to piece and it's almost a PHD list too that I could write out. I suppose it would be a good idea to do that. And then post them for everyone to see. I'm real good at cracking the whip in class. I guess I could apply a little pressure to myself as well.

I should be able to finish the quilting on another one tonight. I have to turn the quilt on the frame to do the border. It will take longer to turn it than to quilt it.  It's too late to get that one on the list to check off but it's already on a list of those quilted this year. The list isn't so long this year since I had all that trouble earlier with my arm.   I'm sure glad I don't feel any guilt for having so much fabric I will likely never "use up". Likewise I feel no guilt for having made so many tops that I won't get quilted. It's all good. It's all fun.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Part of the plan

November is always a busy time in the sewing room and this November I did a lot of planning for sewing this winter. It seemed every time I turned around I saw another design I wanted to make. No, I didn't start any of them, and I think I should get credit for that.  I should probably make a list and prioritize them though.

One of the quilts I am going to make is called Twilight Hopscotch by Kim Diehl. Five of the Thursday girls and I plan to start it soon. I found the pattern in The Big Book of Civil War Quilts by Martingale. They recently sent me a copy as they used 4 of my quilts in the book that features 58 designs in 1800's reproduction prints. They also have the  pattern for sale by itself. I've had a hankering to do another quilt with a chain of squares running through it. I've done few of those, so I planned two.

Coincidentally a member of my Stashbusters Yahoo Group has just challenged us to make an Irish Chain quilt in any size or variation. Obviously Twilight Hopscotch would qualify as a variation. The rules of the challenge are simple. Get it cut this next month and finish the top by May. Something like that. I found it interesting that nothing was included about making it a "real" quilt and quilting it. I was kinda relieved about that even though there are no prizes involved. What I thought though was that I should challenge myself instead to get the one Irish Chain quilt top quilted that I did a few years ago. I posted about it here.

So yesterday I wandered through the pile of quilts upstairs looking for a different top and I came across the pink Irish Chain. And, oh yeah, look at this. An antique Irish Chain quilt top, too.  Isn't this a unique variation? A quick search of google images doesn't show one like it. Might be kinda neat in scraps. I like how there isn't quite so much background as most variations. Well, you know what I'm going to do.  Yep, piece the Twilight Hopscotch.

Yet another variation you don't see often is shown in a booklet from 1945. The blocks in this quilt are pieced with strips 1 1/2" wide surrounding the center square cut at 3 1/2". Too many seams for my taste but maybe you can get an idea for coloring yours from this photo.

And just because it's another variation I did and you all know how much I love variations, here again is the single Irish Chain I did in 1930's. I posted about it several times ending here.

Well, I hope I don't loose any sleep over this now. I finally learned how to fall asleep after more than 50 years of difficulty. If you have trouble too consider the app

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Sunday, November 26, 2017


November is always a good month for quilting for me. Not just because it has gotten colder outside but because it is hunting season and I dare not go into the woods.  The month isn't over and I still hope to finish a quilt on the frame.  It may not seem that I have been very productive, but I have planned a lot of projects and begun to cut and kit them up. I also did a little work on some Comfort quilts for the St. Peter's group.

 I finished my tic-tac-toe quilt this morning.  I thought I would wait and do the pieced border at Studio 3 but instead decided to just get it done and out of the way. I can't believe how much I enjoyed the silly little 9-patches. Even the checkerboard border went together very quickly. As you can see I did not round the corners with little squares.   That was because I didn't plan the border I just started sewing.  Like I said it went together quickly. The lights and darks don't match up in the 4 corners in a way that I could use a 4 patch unless I rip.


The 9-patches were strip pieced using 2 strips. Lots of people don't like strip piecing, but I think it's the best. The leftovers from a strip set are never wasted around here and go into anything from 4-patches to crumb quilts. If you don't like the leftovers from a strip set, then simply cut the strips to the length you'd cut the squares from before you begin.

What I did for the little 9-patches here was to start with 1 3/4" strips. The light strip was 7" long and the dark was 9" long. Stitch with top edges even and sew a 1/4" seam allowance with right sides together. Press toward the dark. Then I sliced the strip set into 1 3/4" wide segments. The longer dark strip had a square cut off the end.  The pieces were then rearranged to create the units shown. I didn't bother with the last seam because I like to keep you guessing or some such thing.

I had Mark help me pin the tic-tac-toe  top to the flannel wall so that I could plan the last border width and measure for it. If the quilt fits I like to spread the top on the wall to measure for borders. I don't know what he was thinking but as soon as it was up on the wall he stood back and proceeded to tell me just what shade of blue I should use for the last border. I don't know where he got the idea I wanted some input from him so I got a kick out of that. In the end he agreed that the same blue I used for the sashing should be used for the outer border but not to make it any wider. I just love that he's expressing his opinion about my quilts these days. When I began quilting  over 30 years ago, he couldn't have cared less.  Maybe this is the winter I can get him started on his own quilt project.

I'm planning on doing a tutorial on joining the ends of binding strips once it has been applied to the quilt. So check back in the next few days to see that.
 Never mind. Here's a tutorial that shows how I do it.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

A little stimulating

After the trip to Pennsylvania I took a trip with the Thursday girls to Missouri Star Quilt Company. The trip was hardly necessary as there are so many quilt shops in our vicinity. However a road trip was in order so we set our sights on Missouri. I don't know what the talk is about all the shops in Hamilton but the trip was very enjoyable. For as many shops as there are in that town it's a little surprising that they don't carry everything. There were hardly any books or patterns by other designers, a big disappointment to me. And they certainly didn't have all the fabric that's produced in a year from the all the manufacturers. How could they? We knew this of course, so we made multiple stops at quilt shops enroute. I spent my fabric budget for the year but who's counting?
This of course gets one all fired up to get home and get sewing. So I did do a little bit of that but first I had to present a program for a few local guilds. They went very well. they certainly know how to apply the pressure when they introduce me and tell everybody that I'm there to inspire them. Inspire them I did. as usual I brought about 30 quilts and tops with me. I was sure to bring things they hadn't seen before. That can be a bit of a challenge sometimes because I have been to these guilds a number of times in the past.
Now that I am done traveling for the year I can focus on getting some of my sewing done. I have made a short list of the quilt tops that I would like to make next and the tops I would like to quilt as well.

I made the 10 blocks needed  so I could make the nine patch quilt a little bit bigger. And this afternoon I added the first border. I have lots of little squares cut for a pieced border so I need to decide on that next. I'll plan to work on that over at Studio three.

We will be starting a new project at Studio 3 soon so that will make it difficult to focus on finishing the other current tops in progress. That is opposed to UFOs. I differentiate between the two when I can no longer recall or have yet to decide how I want to continue with a project.
I also want to tear into my stash and reorganize.  I do enjoy my stash and perhaps looking at it with fresh eyes I can imagine a few more projects that I could start with what I have on hand.

I also want to squirrel away some of my smaller pieces for several years. I still like them but I am a little tired of them and I think that if I don't see them for 5 years or more I will enjoy them even more when I come across them at that time. Besides maybe then I'll have a limited budget and I won't afford to buy fabric when it's $14 a yard. Maybe I should bury some cash with the fabric wouldn't that be fun.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Vibrant autumn leaves

It's been a dry year in much of the north central  and northeastern  US. Everyone says as a result the leaves won't be as pretty this year. What I have observed is they are either turning brown and dropping or still lll green. Yes there are some beauties out there but overall I was a bit disappointed in the color on my trip east. It is always a guessing game as to when the color will peak. One year we hit it right on October  5th. This year we were either too early or too late. That's partly cause the different species change at different times. The good thing there is it extends the season.

My souvenir from the trip is this barn quilt my sister painted for me. She took the pattern from the quilt, "Monkey See, Monkey Do" in my book Quilts from Skunks Hollow. Mark hung it at Studio 3 right away. That means he likes it. She made another we will keep at the house. I never heard if it was her intention to make one for each place. How could she possibly have known two of my favorite blocks. The other is the Weathervane, also in the book.  I love them all, the quilts, the blocks and the barn quilts. I wonder if there is another name for those painted wood blocks. I'm seeing them all around.

I thought I would especially enjoy  quilting  now my leaf quilt from a few years ago. I want to really work at developing that lost habit I had of sewing daily. I started this one last night. It is a small one so I must get going on prepping  the quilting on the next one. I'm not sure if I have the back for it though.
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Thursday, October 5, 2017

From my Workbench

This quilt has been brewing for about a year. I checked previous posts and found that I didn't mention it once. I know I started it last winter sometime and then put it away for a while. I will be quilting this one with cotton batting so that I don't cook under it. Perhaps I'll do it yet this winter. I haven't got the back for it yet and I haven't thought for a second about how I will quilt it. Good thing winter won't be here for a few months, I still have time to get ready.

As you can see it is a little big for my wall. I was not trying to be creative with the photo.  Even though I like the way they look on the bed, I don't think they photograph quite as well there.|I would throw it on the bed quick for a picture, but the cats are there right now.  Is that a lame excuse or what?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

On my way

It's almost a habit! I realized that I'm actually trying to start a new one rather than resurrect an old one. In the past I used studio 1 and made tops. Now I am trying to do more work at getting them quilted in studio 2. It helped that the weather cooperated. I'm not working outside when it's 90. Evenings should be good. I don't like to join Mark  in the evening for a nap on the couch in ftont of tv or just as bad if he's awake and channel surfing.

The quilting  on this one is finished. I still have a few threads to tie off and binding to do. And I didn't delay in getting the next one on the frame. I'm doing the bow tie with out batting to use as a shower curtain. I'm almost done with that one too.

Meanwhile I am planning the quilting on the next one. That can slow me up a bit. I can usually decide how I want to quilt about  70% of it. I'm usually  stumped when it comes to the borders.  Maybe future quilts won't always have a border. Great solution.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A bit of a challenge

a challenge for me. I've not posted from my phone before. I always like to include a photo but I am having trouble uploading photos to my computer. I like to put them on the computer first because I can edit them better with the computer than on the phone.

So here's my photo for today's post. As you can see I decided on a dark blue to sash my nine patch blocks. I'm liking it a lot. Good thing because I have lots of blue. I don't know what I was thinking when I told Sharon to cut me three and a half yards. I knew I added a little more in case I wanted to make it bigger and I never manually figured out how much I needed I just used what the computer told me. But I think there was an operator error when I entered the size of the blocks or even the setting that it told me such a large amount. With all the quilts I've made I would have known if I thought about it for a minute or two that I wouldn't have needed three and a half yards for this quilt. So I think I will plan to make it bigger since I like it so much and I will even be able to back the quilt with the same blue plaid. tube order it I will simply go around with the same width sashing but without the cornerstones.

As far as developing my quilting ha bit goes I'm pleased to report that I've been doing some almost every day. That is if stash acquisition counts. I've been to another estate sale. Always have to hit those twice if you have the chance.n And I did.
the quilter was fond of reproduction fabric. So I lucked out and added a number of pieces to my collection for backs borders and backgrounds. I also snatched up some of the scraps that I didn't have so that I could add those to my charm quilt. The fabric was priced by the pound. It sure made things easier. I also got a few CDs so I can listen to some music while I quilt.  We get lousy reception on the radio down here in the hollow. I also picked up a half dozen Quilting books. I'm surprised how inspiring I find those estate sales to be. Next I am looking forward to cleaning out my closet and prioritizing my quilting for the fall.
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Monday, September 11, 2017

Habit Forming, NOT

Quilting has not become habit forming for me yet. I have gotten some done though. Last week we were busy with several doctor appointments so if you need an excuse, I'd use that.

A few weeks ago I put another quilt on the frame in Studio 2. I've got a close up of the quilting here but if you still can't see it, double click on the picture and that should let you see it even closer. I've enjoyed quilting this design; probably cause I like the way it looks. I might be half done. I expect it will be the end of the month before it gets done at the rate I am going.

I used to avoid highly contrasting thread because I didn't like the way every wobbly line would show up. I don't have the courage for that yet but I'm getting there. Perhaps variegated thread is the way to go till then.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cause I Wanna

There was a time when I had a quilting habit. Every day my husband went off to work I would too. I'd go of to my sewing space and lose myself in my quilting for hours on end. I was concerned that when he retired he'd cramp my style and he did. I don't mean to be blaming him but I lost that habit soon after he retired. I guess it is fair to say that now instead of quilting I spend that time with him working out in our woods or prairie. I could still quilt in the evenings but I don't and I don't think it's cause I am tired. At any rate I want to develop a new quilting habit whether it is doing Just One Thing or JOT in the sewing room or several hours at several tasks, I don't care. I just gotta do it. Cause I wanna.  Now having said that I should have more success. Documenting it can make me more accountable too, so stay tuned.
Recently I started making 9-patches from 1 3/4" wide strips leftover from a log cabin quilt. Yes I have a bit of a plan in mind. I'm joining them in sets of four. Next I need to decide how I will set them, then how big, then if borders will be absent or pieced or plain. You know the routine. I've been enjoying it immensely. I'm loving the little bit of yellow in this project. I like the tic-tac-toe I see too.

In the old days, this top would have been done in a few days. Its been several weeks already and I expect it will be another one yet.

Monday, August 14, 2017

another post!

Can you believe it? 3 posts in a week? I had a chance to do some more sewing today. Mark is off helping a neighbor build a treehouse in a hollow tree. Is "on" a hollow tree more accurate. No he is not making a room in the hollow trunk. It's not a sequoia. Anyways I had a good time today doing a little sewing without interruption!

So I am just about done with this little spring wallhanging. Pattern by Lori Smith with a few changes like using a  bird and butterflies instead of rabbits and carrots.  I've always enjoyed this pattern. It's that darned applique that slows me down every time. Oh yes, the quilting too.

I also spent a little time sorting quilts for the scheduled lectures I have this fall. I'm doing a couple of local guilds featuring some of my newest stuff or stuff that hasn't been published and some of my most popular designs. Something I always enjoy.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Midsummer Report part 2

I know I don't need to give excuses but for the record things have been a bit crazy here. First there were issues with my shoulder which have been diagnosed. Lots of doctoring for it still though. And secondly, I am hosting a prairie walk here this weekend and we've been getting ready for that. The getting ready was compounded by a freak rain storm where we got 8 1/4" of rain.  Yes we had a little water in our basement twice. But the worst of it was about 5" of sand deposited on most of my prairie garden along the driveway. You see we live at the bottom of a hill and the rain caused erosion of the gully coming down the hill. This is a bit like a ditch along the side the road but over the years it has washed deeper and wider. In spite of the mess I think a good portion of the plants will survive. At least we didn't have any standing water afterwards. Gotta find a bright side. The driveway is to the right of the pine trees.

 In between all that I did find some time to sew. It is so therapeutic after all. I called it quits on my Civil War Bow Tie quilt top once it was big enough to use for a shower curtain. I took my time with this one trying to only use the small scraps when I made them rather than cutting into yardage. I hope to finish it up soon. If I don't use batting and and put muslin on the back, it should stay light enough in the shower so we can still see the dirt. Knowing where all the parts to wash are isn't enough. Ask Mark.

"Challenging Chain" is a good name for this next top with 1930's that I put together. I think this was a kit in the closet I put together a year ago or so. The rectangles are easy enough to sew but I was challenged by the reverse blocks and pressing consistently so that the seams would nest.  Now if I made ALL the blocks I need of the same kind at one time my pressing would be consistent. But because I make a few here and a few there the pressing gets screwed up a little. Maybe I need to make better notes and then follow them like a pattern.  I tend to just look at a block and make it without checking any directions. Besides, where would I put them so I could find them .  But don't you think those wrinkles kinda add texture like the quilting would? Makes me a little eager to quilt it now.

I've been anxious to get back downstairs to the long arm. Between my shoulder and the restoration work in the woods, I think I only quilted 2 so far this year. Believe it or not it was easier on my shoulder to work in the woods than to quilt! I have set up a sewing station in Studio 2 so a friend can join me while I work on the long arm. Margie usually joins me at Studio 3 but with the move downstairs I hope to be more productive soon.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Midsummer Report part 1

It seems I finally found some time to report about the sewing I've done lately.  That means mostly since the first of the year! When I look back at what I have sewn I feel better about it cause there is more than I thought.
First is the Little Trees quilt. I finished the top and promptly gave it away, totally forgetting to get a picture. I should still be able to do that though. We did that quilt in both Thursday and Friday classes this winter, though I didn't finish mine till spring sometime.
 I made most of the blocks in these two orphan block quilts. I did them over the last few years as demo pieces. I don't know why I didn't coordinate them better, I just grabbed scraps and made a block. The church ladies must have joined them into about 10 comfort quilts by now. I am sure they still all haven't been sewn into quilts yet, tho we are done with sampler blocks for  a while.  I enjoyed that more than I thought, always choosing different blocks, patterns and techniques. I didn't get bored with them for a long time.

Recently the Friday group made Sunshine and Shadow quilts. I've made this before in red and yellow. It was fast, fun and easy and I had the fabric in the stash to make another one.

Almost ready to show a few more. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Little Here, A Little There

Seriously a little bit has been done up stairs, down stairs and at Studio 3. I finally got a cortisone injection in my shoulder. It took a week to kick in and now I can only hope that it helps till it heals.  It took a week to kick in. I'm still taking it easy, working only an hour or two at a time at my quilting.

Taking it easy as in helping Mark with burning brush piles. Well, I lift next to nothing and I do have one good shoulder. It actually hurts more to sew.

I'm making progress with a few projects and hope to have pictures soon. These blocks are from Karen Stone's pattern, Prickly Pear. I joined a friend over 12 years ago to make these. I never finished them because a. as much as I love them they really aren't my taste and b. I felt they needed satin stitching around the applique.  But I was wrong. I simply did a straight stitch on the fused applique pieces. Not my preferred way and perhaps I should have passed them on to someone to do just that so maybe I will. I've been seriously thinking about dabbling in applique for several years now, but I'm procrastinating. Don't know what's up with that. The raw edge applique didn't really appeal to me like I hoped it would.

It's been much warmer than normal this last month. Finally we have some sun and it is inviting me outside so I am getting out pretty much even though its very windy. As long as it still hurts to sew I may as well. Secretly I'm still hoping for a few more snowfalls this winter.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Still goin at it

So maybe I haven't been goin at it with the gusto I'd like but I am still doing some sewing. After an icy night it was nice outside this afternoon so Mark and I had to wonder around the neighborhood for a few hours.
This morning was quilting at church. So not in the mood to sew. But we did organize a bit, planning backs for tops, cutting batting  and destashing some of the excess that was not appropriate for our use. Mark always has a real pretty rag collection.

Last night I put together some blocks into a small sampler. I'd made about half the blocks when I demonstrated in classes the others were donated orphans. The smaller blocks were supposed to be 8 1/2" but measured barely 8". That simply means  to add even wider frames to bring them up to 12 1/2". Mary Kay will finish it with a lavender border and binding.

I have 1 block left on a spring themed wallhanging. It's a paper pieced block of 3 birdhouses! There's also bunnys hopping on it. Yes it is cute and I don't do cute easily. Taking out one bunny and adding 2 birds from the same designer. Yes I will paper piece the birdhouses. And the applique is just cut and paste. After all it will only be on the wall briefly for a few years.  It's early, I'll go now and see if I can paperpiece.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Back at it

Back at it and it feels so good. Though my tore rotator cuff  isn't completely healed it is much better so I can work at my quilting again.  I missed it and it feels good. Though I've been dabbling I've spent a longer days lately and have something to show for it. You might remember this was in progress about a year ago. I'm not really keen on the 1930's reproduction prints in the quilt so I can imagine doing the design again in fun wild prints and passing this one on to whoever makes me an offer to purchase. (hint hint)

It's obviously a variation of this one I called Snow Day in my book Save the Scraps.  I admit I love the pattern and you know how much I love all the variations on all the patterns. I really like the addition of the square on point in the middle of the block. 

The block is also great to alternate with other blocks like I did with the square-in-a-square block  last year.  I made this to use up some stash. I'll donate this once it's quilted.

I thought it was time I put up a few quilts on the bare walls at Studio 3, so I hung this little tree quilt. Yes, I'm still teaching there. I never thought I'd be teaching this again. Both the Thursday and Friday gals are working on their own tree quilt now. My version is perhaps 32" They all wanted lap quilts so we are making our blocks a bit bigger. We gathered our Christmas prints and swapped a little and some of the ladies added a little new. I'm making it again with them and again I am trying to use up some old stash. Where it goes will depend on how it turns out. That's always the way with my quilts though. The little trees finish 6". I've cut my trees and now wish I thought  sooner to make 6" stars to substitute for the trees. maybe I'll just have to do it again with stars.
Now that I am back at it again I hope to finish up lots more of the tops I've started. A few weeks ago I counted almost 25 I'd started.  I expect by the end of the month I'll be able to use the longarm again and get back to some real quilting. Now that's opposed to piecing not hand-quilting. It's been a long time since I heard anybody declare that machine quilting is not real quilting. With any luck I will have more to post here over the next few months.