Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy in a Heap

I sure enjoyed making these blocks. I just might try making this design again some day with brighter colors. But I'm on this Civil War fabric kick right now and striving to use this heap of scraps, so this is what I used.  I went to Studio 3 for an hour the other day and made 5 more blocks. Went there again last night and I made the rest.They still need a little work then I will put them together and even consider adding a border. I'm ready to move on to the next two projects but I'm going to make myself finish this top first. I like it when inspiration hits and I'm anxious to get going on a new project. I hate it when something gets in the way. I guess we all do. But what a nice distraction to be in my way.

It looks like besides the mild winter we've had, we'll be having an early spring. We missed all the snow that blew east of here, yesterday I guess. 20 robins in the yard this afternoon. They're only about 2 weeks early. Buds on the bushes are starting to get fat already.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Catching Up

Wow! It's been over 5 weeks since I last posted. I wonder what's changed here in blogland. I've kept busy this winter and yes, I've done some quilting. I think I haven't posted because I haven't been working much on my own things. I quilted another 6 comfort quilts and took them in to church for the other ladies to bind. And I've continued to meet with the others at Studio 3. Thursdays crowd will be starting Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler blocks. We're not all using Civil War prints either. I will be using purple batiks. It should be fun.

A number of my projects have been put on hold. I think I need to install a big flannel wall at Studio 3. Progress seems to cease when it gets to a point that I want to lay it out on my big wall. I have a hard time working without it.  I bring it home to finish but then I don't work on it. This is the latest that I've begun. I've seen pictures of this around for some time so I can't say who the designer is or I'd gladly give them credit. I think I will just make this one a generous lap size.

Weather permitting Mark and I have been working in the woods. And we've had a mild winter so we are out there often. We've been cutting and stacking some of the brush that we killed last year. We've burned 5 brush piles so far. Some of it we stacked for permanent brush piles for the wildlife and will leave in the woods. Still more we will chip.  Pretty much all were cutting and burning is prickly ash or invasive buckthorn. The woods is looking great and even though there is an end in sight I wonder why we bother. Will we ever "finish" and who will maintain it after we're gone?   I love working out there much more than working out at a gym. Now we're eyeing the elm that is moving in.

I have a few orders to pack up then I think I will visit a few blogs starting with Judy's Linky Party. Gee, is she still doing hosting them?. I know she doesn't get to quilting as often as she might like either.