Thursday, February 28, 2013

Think Spring

Here's a few more comfort kits I got together for church quilting. I think they have enough for almost a year now. Notice the block to use the half-square triangles I worked on last week.

I've also been doing a little quilting. By little I mean I got this 4-block sampler quilted. Another top is loaded and waiting.

One of the first signs of spring to me is when the birds start coming back. Mark saw the cranes already. Yesterday the geese were honking/complaining maybe? about all the snow.The red-wing blackbird will be here in a week or two also. I always hear them before I see them. And on my walk just now I thought I spotted a small flock of robins, always back this week.
It's a cheery thought and I start singing the "Red Red Robin". I learned it from dad singing it when I was little. I always loved it when he sang. Imagine my surprise when I learned that his hunting and fishing buddies got to hear it from him every morning at camp. I tried that once and got shot down. What a way to totally ruin the start of what could be a perfectly delightful day. So maybe I won't go to quilt camp anymore, but instead stay home and sing and quilt all I want.

I'm pulling fabric for 2 more quilts. I want to tweak the designs, then I'll post what my plans are.  Glad there is no end in sight.

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lightpc said...

Thanks for the memories. Pete and I just sang a chorus of "Red Red Robin" together. I guess I'll have to look up the rest of the lyrics online. :)