Monday, February 25, 2013

Loren's Legacy

My Bali Sea Star top is complete. I decided to border it simply so as not to detract from the blocks in the unique setting. Thanks again to Nann for the suggestion. I love it. I will enjoy it on my flannel wall for a while now.

We haven't had much snow this winter but that doesn't mean I don't shovel snow. I shovel whether I should or not. I can't seem to resist. I don't actually need to, but I really like to shovel.  But then when I shovel,  I pay for it for DAYS afterward. That means I've hurt toooo much from shoveling to quilt or rotary cut very much.  Oh well, so I have been doing a bit of piecing instead.

After meeting at church last Tuesday and  working with their fabric here with Lucrecia the day before I decided it was time to organize again. We left several piles for kits that weren't ready to take on Tuesday.  Several of the ladies mentioned they didn't like a kit unless it told them what to cut and make with it. Some of our kits are just bags of coordinating fabric. Other ladies prefer that. But that means the piles I have here could use patterns chosen to go along with them. Okay, no problem. Spent a while choosing patterns and tweaking the kits.

One of the bags of scraps I came across was all the triangles I'd been collecting. At least anything that would finish  3" or larger.  I knew some of the triangles were the exact size and I paired them with triangles that were over-sized and sewed them together. Now they just need to be trimmed and pressed and they are ready to go into a quilt.  I'd prefer to trim first with scissors.

If they are pressed first then a rotary cutter and ruler would be needed to square them to size. I'm trying to cut back on unnecessary cutting. I guess I could just trim the tips and leave a 1/2" or more for a seam allowance - depending on how they are sewn together. Better yet I will make a kit with 3 1/2" squares and let someone else deal with them.


Nann said...

Gayle, the offset setting looks just great!

Good luck with the triangles. I have a shoebox of triangles waiting to be made into HSTs. Every so often I sew up a bunch of them and though the HST box gets fuller, the triangle box doesn't seem to get much emptier.

Kate said...

The Bali Sea Star quilt looks great! Very interesting setting and great colors.

Heather said...

I really like the setting for that quilt. makes me want to sit and look at it. I think it is the implied movement of the blocks, how did they get offset? hmmm

i finished a top this week and am thrilled. Totally different than yours, it's covered with birds.