Monday, April 9, 2012

Convergence quilt

       I just had to share. Lily doesn't really cuddle yet, but now at least I can hold her up to 5 minutes at a time before she wants to get down. Behind me you can see what I have been playing with. It's my version of a convergence quilt. I've made one before, where I cut my ugliest quilt top into 4" triangles, added some complementary fabric and sewed it back together randomly. It turned out great, but I didn't keep it or even get a picture. I'll show more details next time.

I should mention that Martingale has published about a dozen of my patterns that you can order individually. 
Go to and click on epatterns and search the quilting category for Bong.

No doubt my quilting skills are getting rusty. I haven't touched my longarm since Feb. I will plan to do a little warm up on some comfort quilts before I get back to doing my own  - some day. It's spring, what can I say?
My garden is mostly cleaned out.
On Easter, Mark and I took a hike in the neighbors woods and came across a coyote den. We think there is another coyote den even closer to our house cause they always sound so loud when they howl with the ambulances going by on the freeway one mile away. The thought of an ambulance being called is sad, but I have to laugh every time I hear the coyotes call with the siren. Call me chicken, but after seeing the den, I don't know that I will be comfortable hiking in the fields and woods around here by myself.

I am going to go do a little sewing now. What a plan!


Heather said...

I didn't get much sewing in last week either. Hoping this week is better. As for the longarm sitting lonely, I have a few dozen quilt tops that I need to get to as well. At least they don't go bad sitting safe and sound in the cupboard.

Deanna said...

If you are short on tops...well...I could volunteer (what a sacrifice) a few victims... :)

You are a busy woman. Kitties are very time consuming.