Friday, January 22, 2010

Quilting - What's that?

Surprise, Happy New Year?!
I can't believe it has taken me this long to get back to blogging.

I was beginning to feel the pangs of withdrawal from quilting when I attended a meeting at church the other day. I was the first there and determined to get something done. All but one star block remains to be completed for our next raffle quilt. Everyone was pleased with how it is coming along. I will be able to show it before long.

As you can imagine, I was busy with Christmas, until New Years anyways. I also finished the manuscript and 18 quilts for book 8. I had to send it January 4th. I was relieved to be done, but all that quilting and computing and I was suffering a bit from burnout.

This quilt top was included in the proposal, but it wasn't included in the book so I didn't quilt it. I think I am going to take the edges apart and add half-blocks before the border. What do you think? Then of course it would sit on the to-do pile for years.

The Christmas tree is down, but the rest of the decorations still needs to be put away. I didn't want to do that till I did a thorough cleaning of the shelves in that corner of the basement. Then I got carried away and cleaned a few closets I haven't cleaned in YEARS. I only found 6 BIG boxes of junk I didn't want anymore. That is all finished and I am again anxious to get back to my sewing and blogging. Well, this felt good!

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free indeed said...

Nothing like January to get us into a cleaning phase of purging! I so want to get organized in Jan. It's too cold to do anything out of doors and the movement from cleaning helps to warm one up....:) Good for you in what you accomplished....