Wednesday, January 27, 2010

120 tops and counting

January dreams
First thing Monday morning, January 4th I sent the quilts and manuscript to the publisher. The feeling of relief lasted several days till it switched to burnout. I did practically no sewing. I did clean my sewing room and closet pretty well though and it felt good to get most of it organized again. At one point I counted my quilt tops. I don't virtually count them all as they are scattered about the house. I usually go though my photo album and count. Yikes! Was I shocked to see it was up to 120. Last time I counted it was at 88 and I thought I was keeping it pretty steady since I got the longarm. I think I need to track them in some other way. That should help inspire me. I see some gals post on their blogs all the fabric used/bought, quilts finished etc. So I am going to think about that. Watch the sidebar for that. I also gathered, organized and counted all my PHD's and came up with around 20. Again that is higher than ever for me. Typically after a manuscript is done I work on finishing up some of the phd's so that is a small goal for the next month. I wanted to post that theme, but again I had issues with the new computer and now want to redo it. So watch for that too.

I found one of the pictures of the comfort quilts that I couldn't find yesterday. It was just an uneven width log cabin. I'd made the blocks long ago and turned them in for someone else to finish the quilt and this is what was done with them. Of course, I turned the blocks in to me. But I bagged them and labeled them a kit and put them in the kit bin at church. And then some little quilt fairy took them home and made them into a quilt. I am not sure if I'd like those fairies visiting my quilt closet. They'd take the fun out of quilting for me. I know a few quilters that wished there were basting fairies. If you know of any, let me know.

I quilt with Shaggy a few times a month and she finished her top with a hunting theme for a friends son. She used one of my Thirtysomething patterns. It turned out great.
So what are you working on? A quilt I hope. Sew long,

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