Friday, November 20, 2009

A Happy Place Somewhere in Wisconsin

I'ts been a quilty few weeks. I'll take a few days to post about it. For starters I had a great time Friday and Saturday at the retreat in Waupon or wherever I was. I know it wasn't Wausaw, Wanakee or Walmart, but I'm not sure it was Waupon either. Judy and I arrived Friday around 3pm and worked on our quilts till 11pm. Back at it at 7:30 Saturday till 11 pm again. Stopping of course for meals, a walk on a gorgeous November afternoon and a bonfire at night!
This is project 2 of 2 that I worked on. I want to rework the the first one a bit and still need to add a border so that will have to wait. I did get all 13 of those blocks done though. But then I went to work on these log cabin blocks. I was quite pleased to get 39 blocks made. Not sure how many I need yet. Anywhere between 100 anc 144! At least they are fast and easy and I can make them all from my stash!
We were back at it again by 7:30 Sunday. Things ended tooo early though when after a short service where the pastor brought out his accordion and led us in song, we had brunch and most everyone left. We were invited to stay as long as we wanted and the 4 diehard quilters at our table didn't want to arrive home in time to have to cook for our families. So we were the only ones that stayed and didn't leave till 4pm.
How we got so much accomplished is beyond me. At one point our table was accused of having "too much fun". But then again we were all "quilting professionals", with one being a quilt teacher, another a shop manager, another a longarm quilter (that would be Judy) and myself, the author. So at times we were quite serious about getting something done.
That evening I wasn't very tired and surprisingly I slept well. But it caught up with me. Monday I napped for 6 hours! and 2 more hours each Tues and Wed. Good thing I didn't have other commitments. A recent discussion with other quilters was about our recovery time after a trip. I was sure glad to hear I wasn't the only one that was wiped out. I heard Judy was dragging too. No doubt, come March I will be looking forward to the spring retreat. More soon. Sew long.

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