Friday, February 5, 2010

What is your perfect Quilt size?

How's everything in quilt land. Do you have cabin fever, or don't you get it cause you quilt? My visit with Judy 2 weeks ago was just what I needed to jump start my enthusiasm for quilting again. Since then I quilted two tops for church comfort quilts. Here is one. I guess I never took a pic of the other one.

Then I went with Judy to quilt club at Ben Franklin and that inspired me to finish the logcabin I started when we went to quilt retreat in November. Only I forgot to take a picture of that too! I did get three pictures of other settings with the quarter-quilts that I made. I must say it was much easier handling a large quilt by putting it together in quarters. You will have to wait for my next post to see what setting I chose.

I am undecided about the border. I border nearly everything and I am not sure I want to add one to this. It now measures about 88" square. I like that size for a bed and realize the quilting will take up several inches. So I might just add a narrow border. I am really curious what size quilts you like to use on your beds. This information probably would have helped me more earlier when I wrote the last 8 books, but I am curious now cause my gals are coming over for quilting in a few minutes and we always pretend to argue over the perfect size quilt. So, please, do tell. More later.
Sew long


Rose Marie said...

Gorgeous log cabin!! For our queen size bed, I always make my tops 99" square. Once quilted (I lose about 3-4") it fits perfectly without having to use a dust ruffle but doesn't drag on the floor.

SueR said...

I make my tops right around 95" square for our queen sized bed too. We have thicker mattresses, and I like my quilts to be long enough to cover the boxspring too.