Friday, September 9, 2022

Not like before

a 3 yard quilt using 4 fabrics. This reminded me of a  favorite color combination when I was a kid. Maize, carnation pink and midnight blue. 

A collection of 10" squares in a quick project. So satisfying. Looking forward to quilting it.

A snowball. Joint effort of several gals at church. A mystery who turned on the 9 patches. Lois made the snowballs and set the blocks. I bordered and will quilt and another will bind.

 So, yes, you can see I'm still quilting. Pretty much just comfort quilts for those in need. Just not like before when it was nearly a daily thing. I guess that's what retirement does to some people, change their way of life. I would like to quilt more and am making a bigger effort at it lately. It's been a challenging summer; my time is not my own. Things have calmed down and gardening season is winding down. Darker earlier when I prefer to quilt downstairs, so I should be more productive now. 

This week I prepped 7 backs and ordered batting so I'll be ready when it arrives. 

Today the Studio 3 Friday quilters met for the first time since covid hit. So fun catching up. We agreed we ought to meet just every other week and changed days to Wednesday. Thursday group attends quite sporadically. Maybe time to invite some new blood!

I have more to show but need pictures first!

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Elle said...

YEA for more quilting :-)