Monday, December 28, 2015

My Quilting Marathon

This has been the best quilting marathon I've ever participated in. I should do this more often. The pile is 7 quilts deep. I thought I only had 2 or 3 more comfort quilts here but I forgot about the half dozen of my own tops I decided to contribute. I am sincerely hoping  this trend will continue for the next few months. Perhaps as long as I have everything I need then it will. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  I'm glad the church basement ladies will do the bindings even though I don't mind that step.

I musta made this blue one over 20 years ago. It is next in line to get quilted, then I will donate it too. I will do a casual custom quilting job it. That means it will be simply and lightly custom/freehand quilted as opposed to the overall meander I might for some of the other comfort quilts.
And this one I just finished. All of the blocks except two I made to go together. Want to guess which two?  I framed them each with a different fabric cause we don't have the yardage to make sashing  all the same. And really I don't like sashing anyway. I made them all so they all came in the same size. But if you are working with blocks from different sources like a block lottery or exchange through a guild it would work to add wider sashing to the smaller blocks then trim them all down to the same size. It would also be an opportunity to repeat or introduce some new colors to make the colors  work together better.  I've had just about enough of the sampler quilts for a while After demonstrating twice a week for over a year I still have a mountain of blocks left. In fact, the blocks I arranged on the wall a few weeks ago are still there though I did make a few additions.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the donation of fabric left for us at church last week. I haven't gone through it all but feel better about it now. Especially since I found backs for several of my tops. Perhaps when the roads clear after this storm I will go back and go through the remaining 6 boxes. It was fun even though it feels a bit overwhelming. Sure hope there are no orphan blocks in the mix.

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Ramona said...

What a wonderful stack you have there. It is wonderful to sew while it's snowing, although I much prefer warm weather. Have fun with your marathon!

Nann said...

You're making great progress, Gayle!
It's been such a raw, blustery day -- I haven't poked my nose outside at all. Hope it will clear off tomorrow because I have errands to run and groceries to buy.

Heather said...

One of my plans for January is to finish up some tops that have been sitting for ages. There will be well over 1000 refugees settling in my area in the next few months and they will be in need of much bedding, it think a few quilts in the mix will be most welcome. Seeing your finished stack is most encouraging.

Vicki in MN said...

You are doing an awesome thing and it will feel great to give them, let alone get them out of your house! I know because I just gave 20 quilts to 2 different organizations right before Christmas. But I still have at least 7 more to finish up!! That is my Jaunary goal, plus hopefully quilt a couple of my own. My longarm will be warmed up for sure, LOL