Monday, December 14, 2015

Quilting Cause Its Dark

I pushed the blocks around a little  on the flannel wall.  Wasn't I clever to add corners to those boring nine-patch blocks to make blocks like in the last quilt I made. They started with 3" cut squares. I wish I'd done my quilt in that size. They made 10 1/2" blocks where I made 12" blocks in my quilt.  What am I going to do with a king size quilt. I don't even want a king size bed. Comparing this weeks and last weeks photo you would notice I found some more triangle units laying around. I may end up incorporating them as well.

I haven't put lots of thought into the quilt on the wall cause it has been so nice here for Dec. We've been cutting and stacking brush in the woods to burn later when we get some snow. It's cleaning up so nice. And once again I can't wait to enjoy the woods next year. And since it's been so nice we made this pair from a birch tree we cut down a few months ago.


It does get dark early. It's the only reason I can think as to how I actually quilted a comfort quilt this week. Tonight I will get another one loaded and begin quilting.


Vicki in MN said...

Those snowmen are adorable, course I love all snowmen :-)

Heather said...

i made one king size quilt and it's too big for my bed. I have another one that is still in blocks, I'll probably leave out one row so it's not so tall. I don't mind the wide, other than it will be hard to fit on my domestic machine. I much prefer ovesized lap quilts. much easier to handle.

We don't have snow either. It showed up for two days then fled. I'm ok with that for now, safer for driving.