Thursday, October 30, 2014

Never too many

Been a bit too busy to do any of my own sewing lately. I've recovered from Market, but every time I attend, I come back with a new to-do list. That will give me quilty stuff to blog about the next 7 months. Market was exciting as usual. Sometimes things were a little too slow for comfort as in at lunch time when Grace from the Waukesha shop relieved me a spell and was pretty bored so counted the 50+ exhibitors that passed my booth. And they weren't going in the direction of the food court. Only 3 qualified buyers passed the booth in the same time!

If your a member of the facebook group "Quilts, vintage and antique" you already saw that as I was preparing for Quilt Market last week my neighbor called me over again to "see" another antique quilt. He had it all spread out on the car waiting for me, just where I found the other one.  I ooohed and aaahhhed over it (I'd hoped I did that enough to give him the message I was really interested in it.) and told him everything I knew about it. Then I told him I had to go and to let me know when he was done with it cause I'd be pretty interested in having that one too. I guess I ooohhhed and aaahhhhed enough cause he gave it to me on the spot.  Perhaps I should explain that my husband ( I call Mark the neighborhood handyman) helps the guy out off and on throughout the year. Gee, I wonder how many more he's got. He did say that his mom and grandma quilted alot. (Got my fingers crossed here)

 I haven't had a chance to get a good picture but hope to do that in the next day or two. I will share more details about it then. 

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