Monday, October 20, 2014

Juggling Hats

A few weeks ago I started using my Civil War scraps to make these Union Square blocks at Studio 3. Maybe you know this block as Contrary Wife. I kinda liked them all scrappy.

After just making a few I decided not to make the big triangles scrappy. Mainly cause I didn't have those sizes already cut and leftover from another project like all the little pieces. I decided I like these too.

Next thing you know, I  want use even more different fabrics so cut some more little triangles. May as well plan to use one color small triangle per block. And the blue block I found in my pile of orphan blocks. I have no idea when I made it. These I like the best but still don't have a problem with the others.

 Now I need to decide if I want to use all of them together in the same quilt. And why not? And since I didn't start with a plan I need to decide the setting and number I need... Sometimes I stay after class and sew aimlessly. Can you tell?

I've been juggling all kinds of things lately. Classes and my own projects at both Studio 3 and here. Then there are orders to fill  and vending a show and Quilt Market in Houston. I still help our fella friend out with a few things and tomorrow is quilting at church. That one doesn't take much prep on my part, but I am taking things there that I need to gather. It has been difficult to stay inside and work when it's been so pretty out in the woods. I took a walk today and scattered some of the many wildflower seeds I collected earlier.

Preparing for quilt Market has been a bigger job than I thought. Silly me. I thought I didn't have much to do to get ready just cause all the quilt were quilted. Glad I thought to make room and airline reservations a few months ago. But besides that I also should have ordered early the other stuff I need for my booth and could have saved some money. Lots of details to consider. Glad I've done it before cause  I don't feel stressed, just busy.Pretty much just have to pack it all in the suitcases now. That means there is time to join in the Linky parties at Stitch by Stitch and Patchwork Times.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I would definitely use all of the blocks in the same quilt. I do that lots of times, usually start out matched and then as I run out of pieces I start making the blocks scrappy.

Nann said...

I love scrappy, but sometimes a block needs a common element to let the eyes focus. Hence the appeal of the all-the-same larger triangles. That said, if you put all these blocks in one quilt the mixed-triangle blocks will blend in and the mixed-ness will provide a little visual surprise.

Have fun at market! I look forward to your workshop with NLCQG in a couple of weeks.

Meredith said...

Wonderful blocks! I'm pretty new to quilting, but I think they'd look great in a quilt all together. Have fun.

Nicky said...

Hoping you use them all - love the variety! Hope everything goes well at Quilt Market for you and thank you for linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday