Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's My Therapy

My fella friend has been needing my help so I haven't had much time to sew. At least I got 5 more blocks almost done that are a bit lighter than the others.

We had quilting at church on Tuesday. We weren't very productive but we had a good time. We got word that one of our group will no longer be able to join us but hopes to sew from home for us. Of the three quilters that joined our group in October, one decided against joining us, one will be sewing from home and the third I haven't seen yet. But Sue has decided to join us for a while. She already knows a number of the gals too, so that should just add to the fun. We worked on the string blocks from last month, and I unloaded about 10 more kits.

A friend  stopped yesterday with her husband. She started talking about gathering fabric for her next quilt and He started rolling his eyes. So I took him up to my Quilt Warehouse and gave him an education. He didn't have too much to say except "But you make money with your quilting."  And although that's true I still quilt in excess of what I need for my books and classes and lectures. I told him that quilting is my therapy and boy do I need the therapy. She can take it from there.

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