Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Shirley

I've had a busy week working in the garden between rain drops. I didn't get much quilting done as I suspected. My people had  few dr. appointments. I did a lecture for the Oconomowoc quilt guild. It was a small group but very supportive of another Thirtysomething book. In fact supportive of all my books. Thanks again ladies.

I brought this top home from church last week and hope to get it quilted soon. The blocks are from  Judy Martin's book, Knockout Blocks and Sampler Quilts. Sue donated the blocks and I found the sashing fabric in our stash and another gal put them together.

My convergence quilt is coming together. Tonight the girls should be over for quilting, so I hope to get it done then. I don't think I will border this one.

Shirley would be happy to meet you. It is the name of this tulip. I first saw the Shirley tulip when I went on a garden walk with my mom whose name is also Shirley. We both liked it. When we saw it the petals were white with lavender brushed  edges. Very pretty and I was glad I found some for my own garden.  I was very disappointed when they came up the first year because they were this creamy yellow color (below). I was ready to rip them out. But gradually they changed color to the lavender in the  picture above. So I guess I will keep them. They make for a nice reminder of mom.

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kadyb said...

The church quilt top, and the use of colors in it, is very pleasing to my eye - so creative and harmonious.