Monday, August 17, 2009

Another finish

Okay, maybe I ought to mention that my idea for years of a finished quilt is when the top is done. That opinion is changing a bit now, thanks to my Lenni longarm. Little did I know that it is Quilting that makes the Quilt! I never counted alllll my tops as PHD's (UFO's) I only counted a quilt top as a PHD if it were basted and quilting started. This particular top I call "Improved Irish Chain" because I don't like the way most Irish Chain patterns are unbalanced with corners that aren't symmetrical. It was sitting in pieces for several years. First because I ran short of the light background fabric. I did find more years later, finished the blocks and then stuck it back in the cabinet. Sometimes it seems that sitting in the cabinet is a requirement before the borders go on. One time I had 17 quilt tops in a stack waiting for borders. I have no plans for this one so I won't get around to quilting it for a while, but at least I can say the border is on. That light pink doesn't show the pretty leaves in the print. But the quilting on the light pink will show up nicely.

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So I need to experiment to figure this out.