Monday, March 17, 2014

What's it to you?

Still busy as all get-out, but at least I am getting stuff done. The only sewing I have done is to make these 3 sampler blocks for my beginner class. My neighbor is interested in joining the class now, so I will have to catch her up.

Otherwise, I'm still working on the book.  You may be surprised that I seem to be working on it so much when I said I was pretty much done.  That's cause once I figure everything is ready for the book designer or graphic artist and she does her thing we see that we have room to add a little something here and there. Or some of the drawings didn't convert well from Electric Quilt to Corel Draw on a PC then to Adobe Illustrator on a Mac. Then there is juggling stuff on the pages and the reference to it that you have to check/correct. Stuff like that. Unfortunately,it doesn't look like it will be printed before I go to California in early April. It was never part of the original plan, so that is ok. I'd rather take the time to do it right, than rush through it and regret it later.

Quilting at church tomorrow. No prep required there. Hopefully we will finish up our log cabin blocks for our raffle quilt.  I hope to have no part in deciding what arrangement they want those blocks in. That no doubt could take all day with a roomful of women.

I was discussing terms for techniques with another quilter. Gee, it would sure be nice if we all spoke the very same language. The one that got us going was where you sew diagonally across a square that has been placed on the corner of a bigger piece. After our discussion I checked several of the quilt books in my collection and found the following names for the same technique. And sometimes no name was used, just the directions to do it.

fast 45's
corner square
folded corners
stitch and flip triangles
squiffy squares
flip over corners
fast corners

I hear folded corners most around here. So, what's it to ya?

Other names that I hear used differently than me

My term                                 Their term

block                                        square
unit                                           block or square
half-square triangles                triangle squares
back/backing                           lining

No wonder people have trouble learning how to quilt!  I hope I don't add to the confusion with this. While sewing with friends, I try not to swear.  Okay, just being honest here. So instead I just say "Oh, bobbins".

For my last Spring report, I noted that the robins and redwing black birds are back. Today I saw the geese and just now I hear the cranes. Yep, that's the order every spring. It totally makes sense that their clocks are set by amount of daylight and not temps. Forecast this week is for temps warm enough to melt most of the remaining snow. I am hoping along with the rest of the nation!

oops, It's Design Wall Monday, at Judy's. Nearly forgot.

Till then, Happy Quilting

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