Monday, September 23, 2013

Quilting Willy-nilly

My design wall has been busy. We had quilting here Friday night and not having anything current to work on, I grabbed a box off the shelf. Inside was a bunch of scraps and this one block. I thought it was funny how it was the same block as the black and red ones I worked on last. I guess I had thoughts at one time to make a quilt of them in Civil War prints.

So I made 4 more and not liking them, decided to add them to the Civil War orphan home. Then I grabbed another box and it was nearly empty. All it had were the makings for two blocks. One I could figure out as it was almost done. The other, I don't know so make a white and rust Anvil block. Here are the new additions to the home. I already had the Monkey Wrench blocks.

And here is the gang so far. A few more and I will be ready to put them together. Not in any hurry though. So I put them away and called it a night.

I'm glad I wasn't out of town this weekend cause on Saturday the neighbors had their annual barn party.
Wasn't actually in a barn, but at the farm. Great to catch up with some of the neighbors. Then on Sunday I was in the mood to start something new. I thought straightening out my one drawer of Civil War fabrics would be inspiring and sure enough I came up with a pile of fabric I'd like to get used. I probably had some of them nearly 20 years. Later while browsing through a few quilt books I came upon a technique I wanted to try, and started these Square-in-a-square blocks.

The technique for the Square-in-a-square blocks comes from Anita Grossman Solomon's book Rotary Cutting Revolution. I really like the technique, but the method makes pairs of blocks with positions of colors reversed. I could be more creative but for now I think I will whittle away the overflow from that drawer and see what happens.The two star blocks I left out cause I liked them. Who knows? They may be the inspiration for my yet another quilt.

Another box on the shelf had leftovers from a quilt made last spring. I think I need to put some time in the closet organizing the PHD's and maybe putting a few kits together.
And now for browsing blogs linked up to Judy's blog.

And as for quilting willy-nilly, well that will be the topic next time.


Lori said...

Don't worry about making them in pairs--I did them in a stack and "shuffled" them. You might want to do them on alternating lite/dark or perhaps a stack of each and then swap. I love her method--its so EASY!

Civil wars are my favorite--you're getting a nice selection of blocks. They will play nicely together.

Jill said...

All your blocks look good. I am partial to the scrappy look. When you mix the blocks on the design wall, it appears that it will look great as it all comes together.