Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Seed Collector

While I was preparing for quilting at church last week, I came across two bags of quilt seeds.  I'd rather work on these  log cabin blocks with our random widths and lenghts of scraps. Most of the other gals would rather work on string quilts. Quilting has resumed here on "Friday nights so I decided to work on the odd-width log cabin blocks then.  I got a good start on 50 blocks. I'll work on the string blocks with the others at church. I don't have to be different all the time.

 I don't remember ever using these pieces in a quilt. I think I used them for a demo of the technique years ago. I'll leave these out and think about what I will want to make with them.

I brought  3 quilts to church that I did on the longarm and are ready for binding. I have another one on the frame now and I am ready to load yet another. I guess I forgot to take pictures. I AM a bit rusty at this.

I really am a seed collector. If you think that those quilt seeds don't qualify me how's this sound. This year I planted wild flowers from wild seed I collected last year and saved in pill bottles.  I also collected a bit already this year. It's what I do. And possibly on Tuesday I will go to the Kettle Moraine State Forest and help some volunteers collect there. Or around there with somebody.  I'll have to ask my friend, Sue. She has the details.

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