Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Pile Started

Now there are two quilts waiting for binding. This is something to celebrate. Here is some of the quilting I did on the latest.

I have another little one to put on the frame. I hope I can get that done before starting another top. I haven't looked for the blue to border the Delectable Mountains yet. I Have been working too long a the computer so I ache more than usual. Taking another spill on the ice this winter hasn't helped either. I am blessed that the only real injury is my pinky finger tip. Nothing worth going to the doctor for, but ouch.

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kadyb said...

Nice quilting! Can't wait to see how Delectable Mountains finishes up. Sorry you fell on the ice - that's one of my big fears. And we have certainly had enough ice and snow in Utah this year to make me extra cautious whenever I go out. Hope your finger heals quickly!