Monday, September 17, 2012

Break Time

Please tell me that I am not the only one that goes back and forth between projects. I've always done that so I can do what I want when I want. What I am trying to say is, I set the leaves aside and picked up my box of  nine-patches and sewed some more of those. They were all cut and I didn't feel like cutting for the leaves. I was starting to get a little carried away, so stopped to count and sure enough 132 later, I decided I've enough of those till I start to arrange them into a quilt top. Lots of triangles to cut and sew first.

This is a rough idea of what I am doing with them. Not sure if I am going to set them diagonally or straight, it's the same thing either way. I thought I might even set them in a barn raising layout, but I just did that with the Birds in the Air quilt. So as usual, we'll see.
September has been beautiful so far. I've been puttering in the garden lots. I have big plans to redo my big flower beds over the next few years. I find I only work outside for 45 minutes before I am ready for a break.  During break time I read or sew, then go back out to the garden again. So during breaks,  I've been able to get all 72 leaves done, and not a green one in sight. I know how I plan to arrange them, but didn't want to take the time this weekend to arrange them on the phlannel  flannel wall. Maybe tonight. First I'm stopping by Judy's to check out some other design walls. Sew long.


Nann said...

I've done the 9p on point with light/dark hsts for three or four quilts. (The units are 3.5" unfin. The Block Swappers have a quarterly mini-9p swap.) I love the effectof the lights/darks. (If you search my blog for "scrap quilts" you should be able to see a couple of them.)

Kate said...

I like the straight set for the 9 patches.

I prefer to work on multiple projects at a time. That way if one is getting tedious, I can turn it into a leaders and enders project and spend more time on something else that's more fun at the moment.

Dora, the Quilter said...

If I don't have multiple projects going, then I spend too much time puttzing around because I need to work on something I'm in the mood to work on. Makes perfect sense to me!