Friday, June 1, 2012

What can the future be?

My Rolling Stone quilt is progressing slowly. I made 3 more blocks. I am pretty sure I know what setting I'll use, but not sure how many more blocks I need. I'll leave that project out till the top is done. It'll be interesting to see what else gets in the way of me finishing it.

We finally got some rain, so I am pulling weeds and not up to cutting or quilting too much.  I pulled out the orange prints again. It'd be nice if they told me what to do with them.  I feel a need to work with some bright colors after the last several projects. Orange and yellow sounds yummy. My yellow flowers haven't started to open yet this year.

Blogger's Spring Quilt Festival (button at right) had over 500 entries. It was impossible for me to visit every blog, but I found a few I'd like to visit again and the links will be good for (ever?) Then Amy will start up another one next fall. I found that Blogging has replaced my  magazine subscriptions. I haven't been happy with those for years. I was surprised how many "modern" quilts there were. Equally surprised how much I liked them. Yikes! What is happening to me. Yellow and Orange??? Modern style quilts??? What could be next???

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Deanna said...

Ah, isn't it interesting how we can evolve in our quilting styles?! Enjoy the process. But, keep using scraps. :)