Friday, November 11, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Things have quieted down and I've been able to quilt again. I'll show that later. First I'll show you what I put together back in August. I think I didn't show it sooner cause I was considering putting another border on it.  I tend to border everything. But  I guess I decided to call it done when I picked it up the other day and looked at it.  I put the center together earlier this year from some old stash. Playing in Electric Quilt I came up with the pieced border.  I like it, but it is darker than I'd prefer. Looks masculine to me. I have no use for it so I will stick it on my pile of quilts that are finished cause the top is done.  Maybe in 20 years I will add more borders to make it a more useable size.

While I was waiting for my Edgerider Wheels to show up I quilted a few blocks to have samples of different batts that were quilted.  I figured I ought to as long as I knew which battings they were. It was fun, so I think I want to put one of my samplers on the machine next.

 The wheels arrived and we installed them the day before mom went to the hospital. I didn't get a chance to really try them until this week.They needed some adjusting and I think it could still be tweaked further. Not sure yet.

My sisters were a big help in cleaning out mom's apartment. We had a great time going through stuff and I was very happy that practically everything was divided  unanimously.  I found homes for most of her stuff and only threw away the real junk. Dealing with the will and probate is a long process, but not difficult, so things are pretty much at a new normal. It is November so that means Mark only works part time till the end of the year. I will sew as much as I can to maintain my sanity.


Deanna said...

Great border! I will have to remember the idea for a future quilt.

Little lisa said...

I love it. I will take one please.The colors are fantastic as well as the design. I feel that you should consider it done also.