Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden or Quilt? Silly question

It's finally warmed a bit, so between raindrops I am digging in the garden. I have a thistle patch driving me nuts. Make that 5 Thistle patches. I don't think there is anything known to man that will kill the Canadian Thistle. If it stayed short I might not mind it so much.  I don't mind the yellow dandelions, but don't want those fuzzy seedheads. I could get to like the thistle too, but it has fuzzy seedheads and prickers!

This is what I have been quilting for the last month. It's the traditional Irish Chain colored differently. I would date it around the late 60's or early 70's.  If I could sell it for a few hundred dollars I would. Someone donated the top to our church quilting group, so church would get the proceeds. Any takers.  This one is about 86" x 97". Our comfort quilts are usually half the size.
Also this month the church ladies got together twice to work on the raffle quilt. The blocks are in rows and I brought it home to finish. Also, I gave a lecture and workshop for a local guild and Group Therapy aka Friday Night Quilt as Desired has started up again at my house.
Sometimes it all feels so routine. Ain't that great? Some days the hardest decision I have to make is whether to quilt or to garden. Here's wishing you the same.

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