Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sorting Scraps

I finally got my basket of scraps sorted. The scraps have been slowly piling up for several months now. I usually get around to it sooner but this was an unusual winter. I've never been happier with my organized scraps than this winter when I had surgery and couldn't cut fabric for months. But I could still sew. All I had to do was pick a couple of boxes off the shelf, choose a pattern and start sewing. Actually, choosing the pattern is the hard part, but that hardly required the use of my arm.

My scraps are now all sorted and stored in boxes in the closet. I have boxes for 6 widths of strips and 3 sizes of squares and 3 sizes of triangles. And a few more besides, like 1930's. The boxes on the upper shelf are mostly PHD's (Projects Half Done).

I still have a bag of little scraps I was given at a retreat this spring. What a mess. Mom is willing to sort, iron and organize them all. And I am going to take her up on the offer. What fun to use someone else's scraps. I am going to plan another odd width log cabin. This time I will use smaller pieces, though not miniatures! I fear that would drive me over the edge.
I think I will pull out all the church's scrap fabric and get it ready for the ladies to cut next week. That should be a project.


Beena said...

See, this looks so organized! Although I have big clear storage bins for fabric, I also have bags of fabric multiplying all around me. I pull things out of the big containers to use, and either I don't get to them, or I put back what I didn't use in the bags. All the bags look the same, so I have to dig through them or the containers when I want something. It's been making me nuts!!! It's encouraging to see someone else sort out their stash and have it so neatly arranged!

goodworks1 said...

Do you have suggestions for ways to organize 'the ladies' to do the cutting of the church's scrap fabric? For some reason no one has taken the initiative....

Kim said...

Hi Gayle,
I'm so inspired to get organized after reading your post! I really enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing. Your quilts are gorgeous.

SueR said...

I have so many scraps I don't know if I can ever get them all cut and organized, but I keep trying. Mostly I just sort them by color and throw them in big plastic bins. I love using other people's scraps too!