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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

104 and counting

      Yesterday I took this quilt off the frame just in time to take to quilt club.  It's the only longarm work I did in the last two months. It's one of the options for my Twin Peaks class. Most of my classes I offer at least 3 variations for the project.

      Last night Judy reminded me that when I got my longarm, I had over 100 quilt tops waiting to get quilted. It would seem I hadn't made a dent in that pile. I just counted and I still have 104 quilt tops waiting. That is not counting two antique tops.   I also have at least 4 tops waiting to quilt for church. I hope to get to those soon. I don't really track what I do for church.  Otherwise in that time  (3 years) I probably pieced over 3 dozen tops for myself, wrote a book, quilted a few for customers. . .
Not as much as other years, but that is okay. I'm still having a good time.


Exuberant Color said...

This post made me feel so good. I only have a little over 50 tops waiting to be quilted. My number goes up each year too, so I'm not finishing as many as I produce new each year.

Deanna said...

104?!?! That is amazing! How have you found time to make so many?