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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He told me to have fun

             Sue brought back quite a pile of scraps after she finished her top last month. I sorted through the box and made these few blocks for another sampler/orphan quilt with reproduction fabrics.Well, some for me, some for church.  Then I decided that later I will make a random width log cabin with the rest of the scraps in the box. Some of the scraps I made, so it's just another ongoing project that doesn't count as a PHD. 
        Before we left for the show on Sunday, Mark told me to have fun. So I did - buying more fabric. I thought I'd fill the void Sue made in my drawer when she used my Civil War fabric for her quilt. That is why I had her use it. So I could add all these new prints to my palette. Most of the gems in this drawer are fat quarters and halves.  I can add a triangle from each to the charm quilt, too. Just about ready to get back to that.
        The show was good, but the vendors not so much. I really don't care to buy bundles or kits and lots for modern quilts  too. Then we had lunch and hit the two shops before they closed at 4. That was worth it.

        At first I didn't think I'd care to go to the show because I didn't want to be buying more fabric I didn't need. Silly me. I wasn't thinking how a girls just gotta have fun. And NO, I don't feel any guilt for all the fabric I have that is not being used. I really don't understand it when I hear other women say that they "will never use it all". Who said they had to? I get so much pleasure just having it to say nothing of the good time I had buying it. Then comes all the plans and hopes and dreams. Well, I feel I get my money's worth before I even cut into it. I did when it was $8. per yard anyway.

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