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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two finishes

         It's always nice to report a finish. Today I have two to report. I made these blocks a year ago or more. I never gave it a name, but I kinda see it as a split Bear's Paw. I was inspired by the Rosebud block. Since I have made it, I did see it somewhere else though.  This isn't how I planned to arrange them, but I wasn't keen with the blocks after I made them. I guess I am just not fond of the 1930's pastels. So rather than make more, I set them on point with the alternate plain blocks. Then it needed the pieced border, but I ran out of muslin. I finally got some more muslin 2 months ago and just now got around to finishing the top.  I might have to actually quilt it to convince my hubby (and me) that it'll make a nice little quilt. At least I can check the top off my list.

Also finished is the quilting on the orange star tabletopper I pieced earlier this year. I will add it to my pile of quilts to bind. I need to start thinking of tackling that pile. With one top quilted and one top completed, I still have 104 tops to quilt. Yikes!
         I planted some old flower seeds today. Some annuals just come quick enough from seeds or don't transplant well that I find it best to start them from seeds. I spent little on flowers this spring. With such a mild winter, lots survived or reseeded. I have  lots of flowers I want to move to the prairie next year and then I want to rework much of the flower garden. I've been feeling pretty good lately and love the garden work. I just wish it were kinder to me and my back because then  I could dig in the garden all morning and quilt the rest of the day. Wouldn't that be grand?

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Sherry said...

I love 30s fabrics. The quilt is beautiful. If you really don't like it, it would make a wonderful gift for the right person (me). Before you gift it, ask if they like that style. I am in the process of making a 30s quilt for my bed and it is beautiful but my daughter thinks it is ugly and doesn't want to inherit it. Go figure.