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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quick trip to Michigan

I'm back from my trip to Michigan. Darn, I would have liked to stay longer and have more fun with the ladies.  I had great driving weather and little traffic for the drive over. I stayed at a lovely Bed & Breakfast in Grand Haven. I wouldn't mind staying there again. The 24 ladies in class were a fun bunch. I was pleased with all they got done, even though only one actual  block was completed by most of them. They had much of the other work done, just not together. This was my "Savor the Scraps" class where they learn the basic Thirtysomething unit and 3 different borders.  I didn't have the camera ready in time for show and tell at the meeting in the evening when they all showed them, but here are a few. And there was a great crowd for the evening program. What's not to like about my job? Thank you Lighthouse Quilter's of Grand Haven, MI.

Paperwork piled up in the few days I was gone. So I hope to take care of that tonight so I can get back to some quilting. I want to finish the Dress Rehearsal/Thirthysomething Stars quilt first.  I had it along when I went quilting last Friday. It has sashing and it's diagonally set, so it was difficult to work on with all the distraction and without spreading it out on a bed, flannel wall or at least a clean floor. So I put it away and worked on a handful of bowtie blocks using the extra squares Sue cut last month. For all the kits I have together, few are cut out so I am going to have to get in the mood to do some cutting soon so I will have a greater variety to choose from when the mood strikes to do some piecing.

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