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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oldest PHD (UFO)

      Opening my cedar chest is something I rarely do. I opened it to look for a few things I couldn't find anywhere else. Wow, I had no idea I would find these 5 sampler blocks.

       I made them more than 28  years ago. I remember because I drafted the blocks myself with no instruction and then used templates and scissors to cut the fabric. I had been quilting for two years when I got my first rotary cutter. I remember not finishing it cause the fabrics weren't lively enough. Never mind the fabrics back then left alot to be desired. I am really glad I learned the lesson of having enough contrast, both in scale of print and value of color.  Some matching fabric was still with them and I raided the church's stash for the navy. It looks a little too dark in the photo -darn. Anyways Friday when the girls were here I made the alternate Thirtysomething  star blocks. Still have to get the borders on. . .

      When I found the blocks I immediately knew I had to do something with them quickly. The gals on the yahoo group,  Stashbusters are all about finishing up those old UFO's. Thanks to them, I like to think that I have none older than 5 years. Not counting the tops up in the warehouse, and those don't count. (My house, my rules.)

Mark is home cause of the holiday but he is relaxing watching tv for the night so I am going to go  put a quilt on the frame down in the studio. Have a good one.


lightpc said...

Warehouse? You have a warehouse?

angchappell said...

i think they look great