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Saturday, May 5, 2012

another puzzle together

Really, it isn't because I like blue. It's just that we have very limited choices. I chose the solid blue to calm it down. The scrappy blocks were so busy that I had to include some plainer blocks, too. Once I decided to use the blue, the other decisions were easy to make - like replace the blocks that didn't contrast  with the blue. I will be quilting this one before I take it in to church.

I also put together 5 more kits for church. 2 of them are orphan blocks with all the blocks the same size. That one will probably come back soon. I can't make it to the church meeting this month because I will be teaching in Michigan. I will have to drop things off there before I go.

I'm going to the Sun Prairie quilt show with the girls tomorrow. Sure do wish I could think of some fabric I just gotta have. I don't really want to be buying fabric just cause it is pretty. But then, Mark must not care or he wouldn't bring home storage cabinets for me to store fabric in.  I guess I know what I am doing tomorrow. And to think we will be going to one of my favorite shops besides. I can hardly wait.

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Deanna said...

I love the results. Such a happy quilt!