Thursday, May 10, 2012

Having more fun

Does everyone equate having fun with shopping? With Quilts 'n Such in Delavan closing it's hard to stay away, but fabric is down to 50% 0FF I only bought staples- light backgrounds, blacks I was out of and a few quilt backs. I emptied 10 bolts and Lucrecia emptied 11. Sue has lots of control.
 I have the quilt with orange stars on the frame. I will probably finish it tonight. I like how I decided to quilt the small stars.

So far I have only attached the sashing to each of the Thirtysomething Stars. I need to get back to getting ready for class in Michigan next week or I'd finish this too. I still might have a chance before I go.


Deanna said...

Only 10? Ah, you did well. And you make so many quilts it will be gone in no time. Congratulations on such bargain purchases.

kadyb said...

Shopping is so NOT fun, unless it's fabric shopping! Glad you enjoyed yourself at the quilt store.