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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quilt Festival Time

I am waiting here for a delivery and should be getting some work done. But I remembered it is Blogger Quilt Festival this weekend so thought I'd hang out here for  a while. I participated once before and was amazed at all the links there were to quilty blogs. Amy asked us to share a photo of any quilt. Could have a story, or be a favorite or taught us something - whatever. 
 I made this quilt about 4 years ago. I enjoyed it for only a short while before I had to send it off to the publisher for photography. It's featured in my latest book, S is for Scraps. I really like the quilt. The quilt never came back to me, because one of the editors at Martingale bought it.  Now I am trying to decide if I like it enough to make again. It's not like I need it or there aren't other quilts I want to make. And, it's rare that I'd make the same quilt twice. Probably all in good time. Patience is a virtue and I wish I had MORE. And where is that delivery man????


Vivian said...

Oh it's a beautiful quilt, I can see why it was grabbed up so quickly.

Sorry I can't help you decide, I tend not to do things twice myself, in either quilting or stitching...I already know the ending!!!

BTW, I look forward to seeing this book of yours. I recently took a class and at the end we were learning how to do scrap quilts and how we should build up our scrap quilt book library...what timing!!!!

CitricSugar said...

Lovely quilt!

Wendi said...

This is a beautiful quilt! I love the soft, calming colors and the pattern. : )

Margaret said...


Check out my blog if you can...

Margaret Gunn

Steve said...

Hi Gayle. love the quilt. Is this one of your patterns that maybe appears in a book? Thanks.