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Friday, January 2, 2015

Continuing a Tradition

No doubt about it. 2014 was a good year for me. At first I wasn't too impressed when I reviewed my quilting accomplishments till I remembered I also self-published a new book. As you can imagine, a book is a major undertaking, but the work doesn't stop once it is published. Work continues with promoting it.  I am pleased with the response it has received in some areas and as usual I am baffled by how different it can be from one area to the next. In other words, some shops won't even look at it cause they can't figure it out by looking at the quilts (Or so they have told me) and others have sold several dozen. Go Figure. I'd be happy to entertain your suggestions for promoting it.

I am still plugging away at cutting up my 1930's bin. I decided on the pattern I will do using the
2 1/2" strips. Since my design wall is busy at the moment, I arranged a few pieces on my ironing board in half a dozen different ways and decided on this pattern.  I am sure I saw it somewhere before. It is actually 2 blocks and 2 blocks in reverse. It will be easier to see once I cut and sew some background, but this is enough to remind me what I am planning on.

 In between all that cutting I quilted a few comfort quilts with a lazy meander and finally added the border to my first Studio 3 Sampler. I didn't find anything suitable for an inner border and if I had I would have had to add cornerstones to the borders cause It was a tight fit. As it was I had to redo two seams in the borders cause the 1/2" seams used up the extra 3/4" I needed in length.

I hope everyone is looking forward to this new year. I hope to continue quilting and blogging and working on the brush in the woods and planting more native wildflowers and  everything else I enjoy. It would be great if we met at your guild or a quilt show. Sharing our quilting with each other is important no matter how we do it.

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