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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stalled on the Wall

Everything has pretty much stalled on the wall, both here and at Studio 3. I did cut more last night and this morning so I am ready to sew, but that will be between hanging out online and outside.

We haven't had much of the snow this winter that others have. Actually only about 1" out there today that promises to be gone by tomorrow night. That allows us to work outside. Monday we had about 4 acres of brush chopped out of our wetland. It was mostly red twig dogwood and the invasive buckthorn.  I am not sure why they don't call the red twig dogwood invasive. They ought to. I'm very excited about how it opened it up. Didn't know there is a bit of a ridge through the middle of it. Perfect place to make a path. Now we have to wait another year before we can burn all that dead vegetation. Meanwhile we will work at using poison to kill some of those bushes and make a path. There are already tons of wildflowers there and now I will be able to see them and they have room to spread.


                                                   Here's a before.             And an after.

It's not our property in the distance. And the forestry mower can't do anything over 4" diameter. So there is still some work for us to do out there cutting the stuff that was too big or too close to a tree or water. My idea of gardening.

Quilting at Studio 3 tonight.

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