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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shuffling projects

I've been merrily chiseling away at my stash of 1930's reproduction fabrics. Cutting a little here, sewing some there.  I even put aside the Civil War bin bust at Studio 3. For a while. Now I am in the middle of several projects. 

Today I worked on these blocks at Studio 3. Then when I got home I dug around for more fabric to make even more blocks.  I couldn't find all I was looking for till I remembered the small collection of authentic 30's scraps I have. I found 6 pieces that I can use. No pink in this project.

Yesterday the gals I quilt with were stressing out over life so we didn't get together. We  expect things to be back to normal next week. Tuesday Lucrecia wanted to get together before she leaves for the rest of winter. So together we worked on some blocks for a Square-in-a-Square comfort quilt.

Monday I went to the Burlington Quilt guild meeting to here a program by Carol Butzke on the use of Cheddar Orange in antique quilts. She brought some fabulous old examples. I am not sure that I am "flamboyant" enough to use that vivid orange as a background color in a quilt, but those quilts are sure goregous. A bonus to the evening was running into an old friend there. She has recently retired and joined the group. We are going to have to get together to do some sewing or maybe even some quilting.

I've been shuffling projects back and forth between home and studio 3. There are some steps I'd just rather do without distraction and sometimes I want my bigger flannel wall. I still have a picture or two more to take of stuff I've done recently, but the wall is still busy! So you can see, I survived the holidays and I am too busy quilting to even notice that it is winter.


Vicki W said...

These blocks are so cute!

Vicki in MN said...

They look like such fun blocks-are they from one of your books?

Nicky said...

Your blocks are fun and that centre bit is great for small scraps. It will be so pretty in the thirties fabrics!

Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictueday

Ann said...

Such pretty fabrics. I love the analogous color scheme and the solids in the center of the economy blocks is perfect. They really enhance your prints. Thanks for sharing them.

Cathy Kizerian said...

Lovely colors on your blocks. It will be fun watching this come together. Keep posting your progress for us on Scraptastic Tuesdays!